to talk about myself, about 94 years to 98 years (computer game), the beginning of the Internet, 99 years learning the Pascal language, but did not learn. After the computer for me is the basic game, just play more, some basic knowledge is much more than the average person to understand. The university is in the Shanghai Univer Department of metal materials to read, it is certainly nothing and computer. (don’t know here there are no alumni, I am the 09 graduates), after graduation, from the beginning of the first job is to do the Shanghai dragon, until now.


supports this process about 1 months, during the colleague told me A5, stone like forum, also know the graph king, Wang Tong, the name of Robin et al. Every day at that time will spend a lot of time these global forum, look at the experience of others. After our boss said: look at your computer to play quite smooth, or you do a website to try it, you can not much effect. I just started off, because never done. Then think, do Shanghai dragon even websites can not do, how the nerve to say that they are doing the Internet industry. So he began to bite the bullet, learn to do a website, a lot of knowledge, is the time feel very simple, it won’t use. I debug the code in Firefox, IE6 is in a complete mess. Get every day late, for 1 weeks. Finally made the first site, though ugly, but at least they do.

Shanghai dragon learning point 1: must do a website that allows you to enhance the comprehensive ability of many.

well, is the process of optimization, update the article, do the chain, is the time I will all the own random copy, insisted for 2 months, every day to update the 1~2, chain will only Links and B2B platform, the result is the time for the link, know PR, site home page, a snapshot, included basic knowledge. B2B platform released the chain, that information should be differentiated, or included, and the sprocket strategy. Of course, this time still spend a lot of time in various forums on the learning experience of the so-called bubble. The site has been to a single, a station a month to a thousand pieces turnover.

Shanghai dragon learning points 2: if you just contact Shanghai dragon, not superstition so-called fast ranking method, you can put the party.

first contact with the Shanghai Phoenix, I want to like many novice friends, feel very magical Shanghai dragon. At that time to interview the first job, for 3 consecutive days to learn the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, the final interview first Shanghai Longfeng work. It was time to go, but I have only very simple PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL technical. Have not done the website, are not tied to the domain name space. So just start doing Shanghai Longfeng work, can be said to be outside the chain, every day to publish information on each B2B platform.

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