1. original articles


3. website promotion soft

for a regular web site, the original article is indispensable, generally every day can update three to four article original article, if you feel every day to write three articles original too difficult, then at least one day also have to write an original article, also can through the web site to the web search keywords to relevant content, and then some pseudo original, general 30% words can! Then note the internal links in the article and, in favor of the search engine

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2.Whether Google or

!The construction of the chain !The construction of Links

love Shanghai for the chain is very fancy, so every day to do some of the chain is also very important, the chain accumulated will make your website ranking suddenly can be rushed to the front, outside chain must choose to do high quality web sites, such as Sina and Sohu blog, another good way to home owners on the link is a good

5. control love Shanghai.

printing has such a legend, that is to Links general role for the website snapshot and ranking, so the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument, that the construction of Links benefits, if you can find a high quality of the chain, then your absolute ranking there will be some improvement, of course Links can not in one day to do too much, a day to do one or two is enough, a lot of friends of the chain can be imported, but the export chain can never exceed thirty! If one day chain too much, may let the search engines decide you are cheating! When the site was K you will want to cry but no tears!

as a webmaster, often by ranking their love Shanghai query keywords, sometimes click in, then think objectives have been achieved, turn off the page, but turn off or when the love Shanghai link, it can be detected by the love of Shanghai, every day you will repeat the same action to let love Shanghai that your website traffic is not a long time, the ranking will be affected by

soft writing general a week to write an article on it, you can write some technical soft, then to some large sites, such as the owners of the house is very good, if the audit can be reproduced by many websites, so the chain you even more. This is a reprint of the benefits of

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