new resources is a timeliness, news to everyone’s attention, for example, there are many news or in the webmaster Quan Zi inside, if we can write some webmaster and for relevant news, such as which area party, which area of the meeting, such as search engines and related the changes in the industry news, such as love in Shanghai every day there will be news, many of their departments, organized many activities, if we have a hand in these resources, it can well be love Shanghai the timeliness of website resources. The classic example is the love of Shanghai fans, the collection are some news information to love Shanghai, for example, 6.1 children’s day, it is a collection of love LOGO in Shanghai, and for the love of Shanghai donated a lunch activities are simply introduced, the original degree, timeliness of the news there, love Shanghai naturally love.

2, high value resources

love in Shanghai which refers to high value resources not only to search engine friendly, more important is to enhance the user experience.

search Shanghai dragon get timeliness website

Timeliness of


resources is the love of Shanghai to meet the user valuable resources on the Internet in the new demand, new resources in Shanghai in search results with timeliness of the website is a mechanism for rapid collection of. Love Shanghai has three points: 1, new resources; 2, high value of resources; 3, has a certain audience. Carefully check the three points in the content and requirements we can easily discover that love Shanghai requirements are very simple, this is the basic requirement of "high quality, but it is very difficult to do.

will find a collection of limitation of resources links in this forum Webmaster Platform love Shanghai latest open: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/28, maybe you have a friend who has noticed this, I simply talk about how these will make the timeliness of the site according to the site.

, 1 new resourcesThe most important Timeliness of

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. The timeliness of the website has been a concern because of the timeliness of the website search engine will give a lot of recognition, especially some articles or content to recommend to the news source in Shanghai love. For example, we search "Shanghai dragon" will see the home page has a position on Shanghai Longfeng news ", which will give Shanghai love 3-5 article recommended, this position will attract a lot of search traffic, even if the main keywords do not Shanghai dragon home website can also access some of the traffic from the word" Shanghai dragon ". As shown below, China network and JINGWAH network, China electronic commerce research center of Shanghai Longfeng article have been recommended to love Shanghai.


website case: Shanghai fans love

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