has no such feelings, do a few years of Shanghai Longfeng, every basic concept of Shanghai dragon all understand, also has the actual operation experience. You do not lack, but do not want to work, every job is from a fire pit into a new fire. And entrepreneurship, lack of experience and no suitable partners. In order to survive, have to do a job seems to muddle along, Shanghai Longfeng salary is also good in many people.

no pressure: Shanghai dragon new stage, facing the dual pressures of work and life pressure. My eyes closed after waking up every day to the first thing yesterday, the boss asked what time can put the site keywords ranking do go up; the landlord to hurry up several times this month rent what time pay; girlfriend before the two day cheerful told me two days we went to where to play etc. a series of love >

Xiao Quan believes that there are three main levels caused by this group of friends in the situation now. No goal, no pressure, no plan

Shanghai Dragon technology, the efforts of the past few years and knowledge enough to make them at this stage as Shanghai Longfeng project director positions. As the saying goes, "people go to high, water flows downwards, at a certain stage for a long time, every day doing repetitive and mechanical work, who will be agitated. This situation is not the case, as far as I know, each region of the Shanghai dragon circle has such a bunch of such friends.

Xiao Quan’s side have a lot of friends at this stage, in their words, "not high, not low, in the occupation career bottleneck". Many of them have been Shanghai Longfeng management positions, with a Shanghai dragon team, in a bitter enterprise doing some projects, but also some map light and gay, find a small business, a person responsible for independent projects, efforts in one or two months, has made some achievements after the start the life course.

what is the cause of Shanghai Phoenix veterans who stagnated. No power to carefully study all kinds of Shanghai dragon

: no target in the new stage, I believe that everyone has a goal: "to become a master of Shanghai dragon", in order to enhance their ability to try Shanghai Longfeng everywhere Baishixueyi, visit various Shanghai Dragon Technology Forum, see Master who wrote the article summarizes Shanghai Longfeng experience, hope to be able to see only a small part to find a master who website optimization of Shanghai dragon cheats, in the discussion of Shanghai Dragon Technology Shanghai dragon QQ exchange group and the Shanghai dragon from far apart from each other colleagues diligently. After the class is still at home, and stay up to tinker with the website code of Shanghai dragon related things. The usual party with friends, all the talk is in Shanghai. The Phoenix now it had a struggle but the achievements of their own now. Because I have faith and goal, he has been learning and summing up the exchange does not stop. Now have experience, but lost myself.

technology? ! They have no special research

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