well, I put my prepare materials for you:


with only 6 strokes can let you Links fly

method is mainly related to the information of your site submitted to some Links exchange platform, there are also some Webmaster Platform link exchange forum, to release the information you exchange, waiting for someone to take the initiative to contact you. But from the author’s experience, this method for effect is not very good, more people use these places as the hair of the chain to open.

2, need to exchange words;

3, Links exchange platform to submit

, 3 for QQ

communication. keyword search methodAccording to the

2, rival observation

need to do some preparatory work

1, for their site analysis, including the current snapshot, included, PR, Aleax ranking, website time;

if you ask me, how fast a website grow, my answer is to promote learning methods and competitors to perform hard, eventually surpass it. For friendship, friendship is the competition they have to help you select good target site, we only need to take the initiative to contact OK.



prepared, we use the time as long as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, can greatly save working time.


website content is different, we need to exchange the object is different, we all know for friendship "counterparts" on the website ranking will be affected. So, through the keyword search to find the exchange objects, this website and you exchange the weight is the highest. For example, "photo" is Taobao album, chain album website, customers are mainly Taobao sellers and small owners, you will need to change some Taobao shop, Taobao supply, Taobao agent related websites, direct search engines search relevant keywords can easily find these sites.


some time ago, Baidu a series of unusual, make a series of keywords company website are all included in the site K, also a serious decline, after a preliminary analysis, there is a direct relationship with Links. The company has also made adjustments, I arrange the main experience on the Links, after 20 days of efforts, the company’s keyword ranking gradually restored, every day included increases, the day included the amount of more than 1W, continues to increase. The "photo" as an example, for everyone to share the experience of the author.

These .

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