nobility baby by its absolute advantage in the market position, improve mobile reading support. But the other side of the coin, and recent nobility baby EU antitrust lawsuit, the focus of the debate is noble baby take advantage of this market position to suppress competitors.

currently has nobility baby search traffic of more than 60% from the mobile device. As early as last October, some users have found that noble baby began to mark which website is not on mobile environment reading done optimization search results on mobile devices. You may have seen the slash cross in search results on the doorframe symbol:

in all sites for the noble baby forced reading on mobile phone optimized

Then the

algorithm will only in the mobile phone search page, and will not affect the tablet computer and notebook computer search results.

site will also feel the pressure flow. Think about it, how long have you been in the search box input www this string of letters. Data show that even known as love Shanghai as a big site, most people is through the keyword search, rather than through direct input into the page. From the global market, the latest data show that the noble baby still accounted for 62.3% of the search engine market.

The new This approach will

this change will first affect a large small website. Their main flow by matching the search engine keyword driven. In today’s update search algorithm, these small sites will find access to their sudden rise or fall by.


at the end of February this year, the first is the nobility baby in a blog post announcing the news: "we will be in the search rankings on the mobile device to tilt, this change will cover all the languages of the nobility baby mobile search results page, eventually they will have great impact on our search. It enables the user to obtain high quality according to the equipment they use and optimize the search results." Then announced in April 21st to start using the new algorithm message.

noble baby to change their way of searching today. According to Business Insider, in the new algorithm, no mobile phone to optimize the website ranking will be back.

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