just found a little, a little change of love Shanghai pay promotion. When I was in search of Android "mobile phone", found love Shanghai’s first pay promotion appears similar to the nobility, baby Mini sitelink. Figure:

please indicate the source: www.emicro贵族宝贝.cn

love Shanghai pay promotion

can be seen from the figure, a total of three line station link. Into the point, that is to product page.

personally think that change is

2, so a small station link, can enhance the user experience, dare to love Shanghai also gropes for revision, if the probability of a large number of clicks to try to trigger the user’s words, and believe in the love of Shanghai, will certainly spread.

1, so a similar to the noble baby Mini sitelink link, the user clicks can trigger curiosity. So, for the payment of the promoter, the more probability of user browsing. Of course, the money will certainly be a lot. For the love of Shanghai, the more the user clicks, but also earn more in love with the sea, the last winner still love Shanghai.



PS: careful users will find that in fact the noble baby pay promotion users, some bidding words will also appear Mini station link, but compared to the natural search results, appear noble baby natural search results, sitelink more than bidding.

so, in due consideration of user experience at the same time, to maximize their incomes, that is the hard truth. This is the love of Shanghai

!Author: emicro

3, love Shanghai clever. Want to love Shanghai why only pay promotion do this small change? No change in the natural search? In a small pay promotion source station links, then the user clicks on their money. Although, also can promote the user to bring more users (but the user is not necessarily buy users), but the real money or love Shanghai, love Shanghai income increased. And on the natural search results, the user experience on the site, cool, love Shanghai not money.

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