J.C. Penny was punished by the face shop attracted all kinds of remarks on the website of the noble aristocratic punishment baby baby, Shanghai Dragon God Matt Cutts uploaded a video, once again explained what time will be punished noble baby ranking system. Matt said there are two kinds of punishment nobility baby website:

in a sneaky way

1, human flesh punishment, such as those reported to pornography and violence

algorithm level, when you modify your own web site, after removing the rubbish information, if you find the white nobility baby reptile, then your search results will return to the noble baby. The human level, punishment is aging, long time depends on you put what illegal content or your illegal content is too much.

source: SEL

Matt said at last you can submit the punishment reconsideration if the punishment is wrong, then they will cancel the human penalty, but this only human punishment content, for the contents of the penalty algorithm you have no right to apply for reconsideration, can quickly rectification.

Valley Austria noble baby

2, Javascript algorithm of punishment, using content landfill, keyword fraud, contact content, the jump behavior of

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