positioning is a premise is the most important, especially for the medical website. In this industry, positioning tall has been impossible to do is a single point of breakthrough, at one point do fine. Such as positioning cold, this is a fuzzy category, and refinement of the field, children have adult children’s cold cold; also a few years old cold symptoms, bronchial problems, lung problems and so on, of course this is just one example, the individual is not a medical background, the example here is not specific to medical knowledge.

medical sites relative to the general enterprise stand and independent website optimization difficulty should be high, there are even a lot of problems in the collection. This is because the medical beauty industry profiteering, sensitive to the existence of a large number of competitors, involves too many interests, optimize the common way of website operation is not conducive to business. 37 network here from the perspective of medical diagnosis website said the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization.

common content and the chain. Do a detailed diagnosis before the work is required to enrich the content and excellent website. This requires web editors and formulate corresponding standards work requirements. Update the content of every day, the dynamic changes of news and policy of medical industry, and a good grasp of the distribution of the frequency of updates and to edit the original excellent articles in the column. Besides the construction of the chain, of course, to do the construction of high quality external links. The construction of the chain of medical sites do not ordinary kind of website, but largely rely and depend on the source of news, friends of the chain support, which requires the optimization and upgrading. In short, the content should be a strong sense of the message, the chain to do to guide the user to flow naturally.

is actually a lot of medical website optimization, but more is to burn (not burn also can not do it). The author thinks that the medical website optimization need to do the following: fine positioning, the more detailed the better; ordinary optimization and upgrading; value of information transfer, do not spread to useful; the user experience first, not fancy to direct; core resources, core resources can not do without the basic medical.

of course it is the most common, besides the internal site optimization. The first is the server there must not drop the ball, once the problem or the server response is too slow, the user experience is very bad. With the development of the website, the website not only need a large enough space, but also need to pay attention to the speed of opening, traffic control and safety protection. You may flow from the customer, may also come from competitors, and even people who have an ulterior motive. The second is the website structure, such as flat, clear structure, good connectivity, avoid a content irrelevant or unimportant since the column, affect the structure overall. Concrete analysis of specific situations. Then influence optimization ranking web site links to death, this must be avoided. Internal web site optimization and common sites, redundant code, structure adjustment, robots.txt settings, the details need to pay attention to the map making etc.. Medical websites because of its sensitive nature, requires optimization degree must be >

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