can see the weight of this web site is 6, the domain name age is 6 months, love the flow of Shanghai is expected to be more than 40 thousand, then we click on the love of Shanghai is expected to flow, must pay attention to the flow of Shanghai is expected to see love, just click on the key statistics index thesaurus PC end index, there is no statistical index to the mobile terminal. Get the following:

can clearly see in May 21st when the index was 0, just over a month’s time rose from 0 to 70 thousand, the index is obviously brush. The brush keyword index and this is similar, but it is a reminder: Baidu index if there is no special settings, can only see the last week.

click on the index

didn’t know to write this article, because the loose blog has a "reminder to buy soft outside the chain of high weight website stationmaster: love Shanghai" tricky, but this article does not teach people how to identify what is the weight of the brush, and today, the group has a friend said to exchange Links, I almost cheated. So you have this article, but also hope that the webmaster can be down-to-earth, not instant success.

love Shanghai weight is 1

love Shanghai index can be controlled, so we can control how much love Shanghai index, can indirectly control weight (the value of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools display), there are two kinds of methods of operation, the first is direct brush website domain name; their existing website ranking is another word (brush there is no love Shanghai index) two ways through which you can easily make their website weight soared to 5 or even 8, so we see through the webmaster tools inside the love of Shanghai is expected to flow keyword index, you can easily know the site is not in weight, cheating obtained as shown in figure



on page third.

domain name is a typical brush, brush flow directly to the website, the domain name of the index up to more than 70 thousand, we look at the

love Shanghai to understand how to calculate the weight? True love Shanghai weight, we want to know is how to calculate the weight of love Shanghai, love Shanghai platform early released a statement: never fall in love with the sea weight that said. Love is just the Shanghai numerical weight that a webmaster tools set value, and the love of Shanghai does not have any relationship, that is to say as long as your website ranking, the ranking and keywords love Shanghai index, according to the size of the index will be webmaster tools and ranking less estimated flow, to calculate the website of love Shanghai weight. As my own blog:


This is the




is actually because the word "I", the search site

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