love Shanghai search engine to low rank well, we can take the opportunity to take advantage of, but we need to consider some methods, once too many people use, the search engine algorithm will make the corresponding adjustment. The original article is composed of 2012 new songs www.yy789贵族宝贝, reproduced indicate the source, thank you!



event, we found that some of the less popular words, can also use low to promote, such as name, site name, only need to input the general love of Shanghai will appear in the position of the home page, the words such as recently I have been concerned about the "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon", low ranking is good, such as figure:

we can be found through careful analysis of this meager, his meager name contains the words "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon", when not a message will appear the words again, the keywords that "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon" density becomes very high, the correlation is very high. But we found "not search the keywords of Fuzhou Shanghai dragon", Shanghai love index is probably around 80, so we can conclude that some appropriate keywords can be modest to less popular promotion, can also use the meager marketing orders, etc..

search engine algorithms are constantly changing, we have recently found that the poor has a good position in love in Shanghai, the most popular new information he will use a new meager results in natural rankings, so that you can let us find these popular information in the first time, but is shown the meager Teng letter is a good article, such as years of work, in the search for "Shanghai love work", we can see the latest meager results:

from the search results, we can see the article can also insert a link, can guide the user to click, take some traffic to the site; but not all words will appear in the form of love at a small Shanghai home page, general real-time hotspots will row in the natural ranking of the second, the master we can use the meager rules to lead flow, we only need to open the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, you can easily know what we are concerned about, and then combine these popular events edited articles published in Shanghai, love Search Ranking, in addition to other popular things are not real hot outside with meager the form appears on the first page.

Of course, in addition to the popular

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