optimization, so that love Shanghai had to launch such a guide to regulate something, something to guide. After all, there are many people who do not understand to eat a lot of losses in the optimization. So there is love Shanghai to launch this guide and search the local Shanghai dragon, with the occurrence of events that prompt. Until today, the local search Shanghai dragon still have that prompt "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon." It can be said, Shanghai is also prompting changes in Shanghai Longfeng Er love.

this thing, there are a lot of articles in the analysis. Personally think that is love in Shanghai slowly remove the user clicks, which is a function of hit 48 hours into the top three. Because only the true love of Shanghai after the visitors log users to add their own site quality to love Shanghai home, that is the real site quality. When >

3, love Shanghai thumb launch

Optimization GuideThe rapid development of

love Shanghai thumb is our folk to it a joke call, it is actually a share button. Because the only real share that is the real user experience. Don’t know is the earliest jiathis to love Shanghai inspired, or something that can form a market share in Shanghai, love is to develop the stuff. But today this thing is cheating, this change can only say Shanghai is trying.

A few days ago to see an article in

2, love Shanghai 1.0

4, love Shanghai added to the launch of the

began to love Shanghai don’t want to do the statistics, because the search system has relatively complete statistics. For example, we point out which page it ranks, whether every day, click on the browse information and so on, have done statistics. But because Shanghai dragon Er are crazy love, Shanghai had to make independent statistics, one is to grasp the initiative in statistics, on the other hand can be more scientifically from love to get real data statistics in Shanghai. Www.dopv.cn Dong’ou valve network where individual companies operating in the statistics, the feeling is still very useful.

3 launch love Shanghai statisticsIn fact,

this one, our huge personal webmaster, or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners say contributed a large part of power. We hand in hand to grab traffic, also prompted many enterprises to participate in the auction. The personal went a little summary of some changes made for the optimization of the love of Shanghai.

A5, the 10 most visited website Chinese, love Shanghai is dominating the top. Then a few days ago, also saw the first quarter turnover of Shanghai love, I calculate the average, the average daily net profit was 2000W. From these data we can see that the love of Shanghai has become the foundation of every Internet user’s entrance.


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