2, open space faster than 6 seconds to Shanghai dragon is adverse, because if it is the website pictures too much too much flash, suggest that you will image compression is best not more than 50KB, flash can not do without, also recommended to enable server compression transfer function. Another reason is because the call, especially calling the weather forecast, as long as the call site to open the site slowly, your site will be very slow, the online message software and web site statistics have a line, many will also affect the speed of opening the website. Remember: the calling code with more open more slowly! If not the above reasons it is very likely that the space or the server opens slowly, please contact space or room communication solution if you can not solve some decisive change, if the replacement of space or server please remember several points:

search engine spiders (love Shanghai reptile called a spider, called Google crawler robot) is a web site where the web crawling on the web page of the program, we call the crawler, it is run automatically, it collects web site and download the web page of the program and all the links on the page the statistics include the inside and outside the chain chain, the statistics again after crawling in the form of TXT text is saved to the server.

included is divided into 2 processes; 1, through the first to take up a page (You Submit search engine links) collection link, 2, climb up to your web pages and download the web page. 1, the cache server (snapshot) 2, the SITE server (included), 3 index list server (ranked) they are not on the same server. This is why our different snapshot date. Because of the different servers so there will be no synchronous phenomenon such as: our SITE domain name is not home, but direct search domain but this is the home page, the data is not synchronized.

FTP password!

1, why

why space stability is very important? Because the search engine crawler is used to simulate user behavior to crawl web content. If the server is not stable or open slowly, reptiles to climb up to take the site when the data is lost or not to climb to the content of this website will lose interest in it. There is no Er server to remind Lu Shanghai Longfeng instability will have a direct negative impact on the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

first put the data (Web documents and databases) and then transfer.

space is very important?

1, must conduct regular website (Web data backup data and database data), database backup file package to download to a local website. In case of attack by horse we can directly recover the data and modify the FTP server password password or password space background control, and temporarily cancel write access the web folder, the more complex the better

2, then we should be how to prevent

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