we do Shanghai dragon is the same, in the choice of key words when we must first grasp the correlation principle.

keyword is directly related to the direction of the site after optimization and success, if in the beginning when the choice of keywords to the site will deviate from the theme of the site, then after the optimization of the road will go farther and farther, a website which is the correlation we often mentioned, is the correlation between web site keywords and the content of.

site to choose keywords like to choose their own wife wife, together well mutual support is the most important, you know you want to do website optimization search keyword selection Shanghai dragon is the first step, how to make up words is a learning, how to choose keywords is worth the webmaster scrutiny, some common sense below I have to work out the choice of keywords, badly written please forgive me.

we all say we do website optimization "content is king, the chain for emperor", but I think the two principles in the implementation process of the two we just need to follow the optimization of the process, and in the early planning website, the correlation is the focus of our thinking, just as I have a piece of land in need the fruit trees, we need to figure out is our climate first, for what kind of fruit, only in the selection of varieties, there will be a series of maintenance management, how to fertilizing and weeding and so on.

Shanghai dragon is very gradual, step by step, so when choosing keywords don’t always want to eat a big fat man, keyword selection index too high, this kind of word is not you do not go up, but in the process will encounter many difficulties, a lot of people after a period of time not to take the initiative to give up effect, in the choice of keywords we have driven the subject that the adverb, keyword means first not location index is too high, we select some key words index is relatively low to do so, these words do go up more easily, after these words on the website will have a certain weight, then do high index words more easily.

First of all, select the

third, we do website optimization of the main purpose is to make users to our website to let him know our products, remember our brand, put their things out there, so we need to take into account the keywords of the commercial value, do Shanghai dragon final aim to bring value to the enterprise. Or say is to make money, professional is a keyword conversion rate, there are many, each kind of argument that meaning is different, only to find the service content and the enterprise can bring better phrases related to the conversion rate, such as: "mobile phone", this word does not mean he wants to buy a mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone search parameters "could mean that customers want to buy a mobile phone, search for" * * mobile phone price ", which could mean that customers pay more attention to the mobile phone, but also on behalf of The turnover rate is higher than the other two, so.

Secondly, we do

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