second, the blog promotion. First, insert your own website and relevant keywords registered blog title, name, description, try not to repeat. Again, the release of the article, try to write original, pseudo original can also be. Target your keywords in the article appeared in the link may be given to their own website (don’t link too much, one or two words, enough) so as to promote the keywords ranking. Or end with a little in the ellipsis, followed by "read" "look more like" the text, the source added links to your site; another point is the friendship link blog, link your website. The last point is important: every day with some friends is quantitatively, to publicize their messages to friends on their website. This introduction flow is very important.

third, QQ group promotion. This is basically not how to say, the general mode, establish or join your site regularly to the QQ group, group within some of the latest information, e-mail, 9:30-11:00, 2:30-4:00 in general to this period of time, this is the largest number of online.


first, propaganda forum. We should first choose your own website and related forum or the forum. Secondly the character signature fill out their own website, the next step is to the top post, post. The top of the best to stick to solve the problem of the landlord, let people see the trustworthy, casually with. Don’t let others see that you are in advertising. And get the best is original, you can edit your own content on a website, publish it in the forum, with the site too much. If the forum with the vest better, can give their top posts. This can greatly improve the success rate of the post.

do website promotion as well as the most concern for our webmaster. Especially new sites, no traffic, popularity, every day in their information, it is one thing to a headache. When I just started the global secondary network, have seen a lot of website promotion soft text in Admin5, feelings are very good. However, see the more soft trouble more, because too much, do not know where to start, but do not know which method is suitable for their own promotion station. Operation for nearly ten months, how many have little experience. Here, to share with you some practical methods to do network promotion.

fifth, Q & a promotion. In Shanghai, love can know, Search ask question and answer these three questions, select some website keywords to answer the problems of others; also can take ourselves from a way to adopt the best answer, but also improve visibility.

note: you register several blogs, but the feeling is the most effective or Sina, NetEase.

fourth, write text. Soft Wen promotion is conducive to search engine spiders crawling the web site information, will also bring more traffic to the most effective promotion methods. Advice on the Admin5 released in soft.

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