website optimization is the most basic show website keyword search engine ranking position, the top three is Shanghai dragon Er mad scramble for position. The reason is very simple, statistical observations, keywords ranking in the top three accounted for seventy percent users click search. The first is to go over the 60% click users of Internet users, the remaining two locations just won the 40%. So since you want to compete for the top three positions to especially first more is to work hard.

third, title website with segmentation. T>

what do you need?

first, title suggested keywords define the web site for three keywords + a brand word, and limit the length of the title within 12 – 40 characters. Because too many keywords easily lead to weight dispersion, and the length is too long in the search engine will display when a part of the interception, which leads to the incomplete and creative users abandon.

finally, the title of the site is the best enterprise brand promotion position, like before I fell to the optimization of the last operation is brand promotion, when your title revealed to your brand, so late in the sales cycle is undoubtedly a huge intangible assets.

today I Dennis to share is the site optimization wise remark of an experienced person on the three position of Website Title Creative techniques. You may doubt, title in addition to show what use keywords? Is Dennis demanding alone to explain evil. Then we take a look at the importance of title in the optimization of the site.

second, Website Title repeat. We often find many different pages in the title at site:url, this can increase the weight of a word, but I personally do not recommend the use of this method, repeated title too much easy to page whether to repeat the page, there is a risk of being right down there. Repeat the title of the frequency should be appropriate, not only can the adverse factors fixed the weight of words will not create a web site is down right.

second, the title of the site, high degree of integrity, creativity can directly attract users to click on, especially on the top twenty in the click algorithm for the website, this is undoubtedly the best way forward to break the bottleneck of ranking. This is not only confined to the website optimization, website promotion in the auction, a good idea is to improve the vocabulary of star.

first, the title of the site is also title can directly get search engine voting score places. A reasonable set of title can further improve the search engine on the web of affirmation, so as to get good scores, the scores can directly affect the site’s ranking.

understands the importance of the website title, the next step is how to make web page title creative writing. Then I went to the good website title

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