for our personal website or other corporate website, target keywords website ranking is very important, but also very eager to do. In this quick mind, we are eager to optimize and promote the website keywords, while ignoring the most important for the website, content and user experience. A good product website content like a piece of very good quality, good use of the means of promotion, will achieve a very satisfactory marketing effect. If the products are of poor quality, good promotion means will not produce good marketing effect. Keywords Wang Qijun believes in the web site at the beginning of the first not to rush to the optimization of the website ranking, the website content well, especially in the chain of the site, the link structure is good.

Wang Qijun after the transformation of Tianjin Shanghai dragon, usually see, do basically and the Shanghai dragon, the website optimization. A little while ago had a little brother Wang Tong understanding of the students in the group (Tianjin school), after studying Wang Tong’s money began training Shanghai dragon made a Taobao guest website, ranking up after a day to earn 100 yuan, ha ha. Previously only heard of Taobao, but did not know how specific. Through the method of Shanghai dragon money I was more interested in the study, so Ali’s mother, also made a few guest website by Taobao, I have mastered the skills of Shanghai dragon. Do this for some time, although not earn money through what Taobao guest website (100 pieces of early, but only about) for Taobao customers and Shanghai dragon has a deeper understanding.

know many Wangzhuan friends all know Taobao is more reliable Wangzhuan, also can earn money, Wang Qijun built in Taobao off site also learned this. This article is not to discuss whether Taobao customers can make money, how to make money off by Taobao, after looking for the opportunity to say it. Today is to do this through several station talk to the Shanghai dragon feeling. Wang Qijun contact and practice of Shanghai dragon also has a period of time, Taobao started off site when don’t feel what, ranking is very easy to do, can really do it faced many problems. Take the example of a station to earn money, is the eye of the Taobao keyword "off site, what brand of eye cream good, domain name: This website made when the two months, several main keywords can be discharged to love Shanghai top, a day up to about 100IP. This station is love Shanghai background to K, there is no recovery (because the job is busy, there is no energy to get), Google ranking basically are quite stable. Wang Qijun analysis of this station is the cause of the K, the first is the site of the article is the standing group of software acquisition, and through the pseudo original processing, the content is too garbage; second is the website optimization keywords are excessive, too concentrated, the distribution is not reasonable, and then adjust the station once the title of the article. Through this website is K, and recently read some website promotion articles, including promotion of expert Mou Changqing, the very feeling and experience.

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