two, and the correlation link:

first, "the chain should pay attention to the universality of" link is right? The answer is yes. Especially in 2014, it is applicable. Through the 2013 update to love Shanghai several times of the algorithm, we can see a trend, love Shanghai hope we concentrate on the content, do not let the user independent communication link, link up.

therefore, extensive link is imitating user link. User communication link has the characteristics of what? The answer is simple: it is free. Embodied in the following aspects:

in addition, only a place there is a danger, for example, you only in the Sina blog, if a one day of your Sina account, you can link data falling down a large margin, the ranking will yixieqianli. Shanghai dragon is to maintain the data, this can refer to my previous article "Shanghai dragon and quantifiable factors".


love the idea of Shanghai is good, if so, the Internet how harmonious ah! But that’s not possible, I’m not going to link in Shanghai to do content, love I don’t have confidence, no trust, no ranking, no traffic. But, love Shanghai nor the link blocked the road. That is we can do link imitating user.

you can imagine, a user will put a foreign article reproduced a furniture forum? Must be done for the user to reprint useful to him, or feel interesting, want to share with your friends or save up when there is a need to look at. Thinking of user motivation based on us is a good solution to the problem in some industries did not place the link. Some of my friends say "my very special ah, no peer to exchange links with me ah, the industry forum will be deleted. "In fact, blog is a good place to send links.

links can be done in any one place: the forum, blog, Post Bar, love Shanghai, micro-blog know, the first is the source of the link to more extensive, various, if you just send a place, it is easy to form rules and rules will destroy the arbitrariness.

Shanghai Dragon Master said, the chain should pay attention to extensive links, many of the so-called master teachings fengruoguinie, but rarely to master regardless of what. For example, what is widely links? Seems to be a very simple thing, but can not say it. If you ask the master, master most also say not clear, because they may not understand, they also heard from other places.

forum is also possible, you will be deleted because you link too stiff, just to leave a link and post, if you post like a natural user that should linger in.

, the source link:

today, I will talk about my understanding of the link widely, such as the omission, is purely normal.

We often listen to the

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