is considering the degree of competition, but also consider the conversion rate. Here have to mention the search intent three points, respectively, addressing, transaction type and information type, the conversion rate is from high to low. Brand awareness is not enough, can put the transactional keywords in main page to do, because of its high conversion rate.

The next step is to find a good The

3. canonicalization

site optimization is a long-term process, especially at the beginning of the website, just like a baby to spend more effort to maintain in order to thrive. The following are the 7 aspects I need to make a summary of the railway station:

1. layout


4. website


keywords reasonable layout of each page in the site. Keywords competition degree shall be analyzed before the layout, the main reference point index, keyword search volume, page ranking of web pages and the chain type, domain name, age and other factors.

keyword competition is divided into three levels, respectively, in difficult and easy. Keywords difficult layout on the home page, medium on list page or two column page, easy to do with the content page.

2. flat structure

into the search engine in this book, the author talked about the World Wide Web radius of not more than 17 layers, and the six degree connections theory agree without prior without previous consultation. The search engine mainly adopts the principle of priority in the width of the page to grab, so the site level should not be too deep, generally not more than three layers, so that it is conducive to the spider crawl.

content is king is never out of date, early do website content is the most important, to user needs as the Center adhere to the original, not copying can not be copied, the new low weight, to do a good job of copyright protection.

6.404 page

is the first to know what I have to do what keywords, find industry keywords can be reference to competitors and love Shanghai phoenix nest system. Of course, there are many tools, webmaster tools, love stand tools, Jinhua words are very good keywords mining tools.

a good 404 pages can better guide users, increase website PV, improve.

ensure that each page has a unique meta label, the main title, description and keywords tag. This problem places in the list page, and repeat the first page and list page content issues.

in addition to the website structure, how long is also very important. If the URL structure is people’s clothes, then the web form is the person’s appearance, long ugly will not be affected by the spider. Do not use dynamic web site, especially not with too many parameters, better use pinyin. Many of the web site before the online web site did not solve the problem, there are a number of common URL to access the same content, for example with and without slash slash,   home page with a index.php page with a www  tail, without www problem.

title to avoid duplication

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