(2) web site content should be highly relevant and highly original. Two "height" means the first to publish your own website and relevant articles to be published in second subjects; and the Internet industry is not the same information content. The only way to attract customers click form promotion to enhance the degree of customer experience.

(7) if related to foreign trade website, as far as possible set of multi language website, also can enhance the customer experience.


(8) if the conditions needed, can increase the virtual customer experience store on the site, such as Taobao’s room; enlarge the Jingdong, where customers and other website > picture

website optimization services do not only ranking, the more important is to increase the enterprise website customer experience! Remember "the first Internet elite group" has a brother to do rankings optimization, in a short time inside the brothers website ranking is up, but no in the wind a look inside the frightened when the brothers do! Itself is the wedding photography industry, but the content inside the website is copied some novels, I sweat, how such a website can attract customers? Can increase the degree of customer experience? Not to mention the website profit, estimated that even their own brand have been destroyed

(5) if the site to replace the domain name or the page, please use 301 redirect pages for all the domain name or redirect to the page.


(6) if the website information, please use the search box, thus reducing the customer to find the time, enhance the customer experience.

(1) site of reasonable design, convenient for customers to quickly reach. This can be a breadcrumb, online reference said clear link nature, high degree of customer experience.

website optimization service is not just the most important ranking and customer experience. For the majority of the website ranking optimization and business owners, only considering the site ranking thinking is very wrong! Each search engine is the main purpose of providing detailed and practical information for customers, increase customer experience. But now Beijing website optimization technology research center of editing in the wind alone, can really achieve the effect of network companies rarely, is the use of some means of website ranking will be up, and then whatever. Service website optimization ask, your purpose of doing so is driven by interests or self

(3) according to the customer psychology website layout. Customers love to see what, first click on the high level of second, just released, third people recommended. According to the customer psychology to the layout of Web site, then your site stickiness is very strong, the customer experience is certainly high.

(4) error page 404 page must be set up, such as the Chinaz error page snail that is novel and can continue to retain customers, Why not??

how to increase the degree of customer experience, all in accordance with the wind think are the following:

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