recently love Shanghai adjusted their algorithms, many webmaster friends reflect their website ranking changes more frequently, website traffic naturally also declined substantially, but also many web traffic God began to multiply, why is this? Is it the end of their website to come, Taiyuan pro? Shanghai Longfeng learning network to share — using the Encyclopedia of dry cargo that no ranking sites can also double flow.

2, you may feel that now the encyclopedia to do badly, but also love Shanghai now do Wikipedia also charges, more difficult than before, you say these are not equal to the nonsense Mody, did not stay, click close to it, ha ha! Actually, you want is what I want to, but let me find another shortcut to close with you.

2, if


4, first mentioned earlier, the fourth point is the priority among priorities, to be optimistic. Make love in Shanghai encyclopedia or search Wikipedia or 360 encyclopedia or must not add their own URL in the source data, so you will be depressed dead pass (lesson of blood), although we can not add your own web site, but we can weight high third party links. For example: I had A5 in the above article or above in search posts and so on can be added to the inside.

1, first of all, put your keywords in the industry to find out, a list of key words, and then according to these words one by one to search, to see whether there is love or 360 Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia, search encyclopedia and so on (do not ignore the two Encyclopedia).

5, if we need accurate drainage, then we need to do your homework in advance. For example, we must first put the drainage of the article written with the best Internet site chain >

how to keep Wikipedia links:

3, modified 360 encyclopedia Wikipedia soso or the most taboo is always a flighty and impetuous, success, so when I started, always feel a modification is perfect, but in the end it was prodding, several times after the irritability or not, almost falling confidence (keyboard hit it), but I walk for a while, walking and thinking of the details, and then down to re submit 2 times before success.

1, everyone is mixed Shanghai dragon circles, all know love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia products on their own weight gain ranking is very powerful, so if your site outside the chain from the Wikipedia is not there will be a large number of flow into your

also found love with another Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, then modify the priority of another Wikipedia, because another than to love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia is relatively easy to achieve, when we do this, have some experience can be easily modified to love Shanghai Wikipedia entry the (all the way to do over the experience).

Why do site?

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