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love Shanghai’s success is because part of the first part is the demand, why? When we need through the search to find a product, we want to search for presents to us is the real product information, fair. For example, when we enter the "move", we hope that.

Shanghai: love without brain

first, looking for products or services. We hope to find the corresponding product or service through the search. For example, we enter the "notebook" the word, or is looking for laptop sellers, or is looking for laptop repair service. This search needs to occupy most of the search behavior. This search search engine demand is the main source of income, whether it is Google or love Shanghai, or other search engines are from the search demand, manufacturers and service providers are ranked, and obtain income.

second: find the answer. "The notebook how to do?" the notebook screen is not bright how to do "and so on?. This is a search to find the answer to that question. Of course, it is obvious to find the answer search behavior. There are some search behavior, there is no question mark on the surface of the subconscious, we still looking for answers. As we enter the subconscious, and Ma Yili "problem is: the article and Ma Yili? So many search results is a lot of news and information, the search behavior, most of them are directed search needs to find answers to the.

we seem to have not been accustomed to such questions: why do we need a search engine? Because we have been accustomed to using search engines, heroes do not ask the source, we won’t ask such problems. We seem to have not used to make this assumption: if there is no search engine in this form, then meet the requirements of search products will be what kind of shape?

in general, the search behavior of almost all of the above three kinds of demand caused by the (of course, this conclusion is slightly arbitrary, but basically covers most of the search behavior). So, we must ask, search for kids, you meet these three kinds of user’s search needs the

third: find the entrance. There is a class of search needs about search engine as the entrance to use, such as input "taobao贵族宝贝" Jingdong "mall" such words, is to be able to enter another platform. After entering the platform, to meet the above mentioned first search demand.


can be said that the current search engine, no one can boldly said, to do this thing.

and Internet search needs to accompany, because to find needed information in a large amount of information, must search. However, many people may not think of, we have what search needs

?Our search needs

line search, we need there are three main types of.

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