who will be able to control the real traffic, as a webmaster you can. You can imagine today’s Web site because the brush flow reached IP500+, and tomorrow because something did not brush flow, site traffic returned to dozens of long-term, this website is a replacement to the fatal blow in the search engine’s status, we think, search engine to give you better website traffic will not recognized your site’s ranking? Certainly not, probably because the site flow instability and reduce your website ranking, this is the so-called harm to others.

a web site from search engines to generate traffic and click and not with your tools, but have a relationship with your web site keywords, chain number and so on, here we give an example:

brush flow data looks very beautiful, every day to see the site of hundreds of thousands of IP really very happy, but the actual value of the virtual value is not able to replace the site, when you click on the brush flow or whether the thought of the construction of website does not pass will cause the user antipathy to the problem. Perhaps many webmaster think that as long as the website ranking up you can get high returns, in fact is not the case, I did the bidding before, a total investment of 10 thousand yuan, the main website keywords is for the top three, but I have no money, a total investment of more than 10 thousand yuan traded only three orders, too is to earn 4 yuan of money, money, this no actual value even if the user clicks on the website will leave immediately, this is for the development of the website is a big loss, after the user see your website domain name will have to click on the phenomenon.


September 18th your keyword index is 300, while the September 19th your keyword index because of various reasons has risen to 3000, while your site traffic remained at 200IP in September 18th, with the level of other multi site traffic rose to 2000, this kind of behavior is not how you will be search engine that you are in cheating? I believe that your site will definitely be the first observation of search engine after renovation. Tell us through this example, click on the brush flow behavior should be cautious, do not blindly open the brush, can’t because of brush behavior for their web mining grave,

brush flow will lead to the site of virtual value increased the actual value decreased


is now the brush flow tools too much, we can find out a lot of software and tools brush flow on the Internet search, and some charge clicks, according to some webmaster friends said, click on the brush flow and sales are very good at present, especially the clicks this software can sell dozens of day. But those who do not know whether to click on the brush flow site thought is for the web site for digging the grave in the website and click on the brush brush flow station

flow and click behavior is easy to cause the website data surge

brush flow causes the site daily flow instability

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