: the first self improvement

content update frequency, on the site after K time, many of the original content increased almost everyday. Enhance the performance of the site’s authority, the ultimate purpose of search engine is the realization of people the final search results. The authority of knowledge website must be the primary choice of search engine.

website appears a wide range whether my website is an example of this. Test of search engine for people not just on their relationship of the audit, and site quality control, the equivalent of our people’s character. I do not mind a man is not worthy of trust.

to solve this problem, I thought this is

second: review

website Links is abnormal, under normal circumstances, many sites are K the reason is because their Links is out of the question, the search engine on the website of the outbound links are very important, like a man and his surrounding relationship.

keyword is piled up, this is more serious, under normal circumstances, the penalty is more serious. That is a mistake but also makes mistakes, be severely punished. The search engine won’t let go.

GF The Check the

chain, website also like a person, a person is good or bad, the key is to look at the quality and the quality of his popularity. The chain is the site of the popularity, lots of good quality of the chain will give the site a good reputation. The search engine trust on the website of the enhancement, let search engine feel interpersonal relationship is very good website.

website is K, this is a bad omen, indicating the site there are a lot of factors is not conducive to the search engine, but such problems do not give up, when the new rankings are generally quite good. < >

The increase of The process of

inspection is to find their own problems, the station was K website that made the mistake cause problems.

is pleased to be right down from the site to get good rankings included, my website (www.etingou贵族宝贝), a month ago because website’s sake is serious drop right. At the beginning, just finished the home page, site included the amount of short time decreased sharply. On the second day, the site: website has no home. Because of the master of Shanghai Dragon technology is not very good, to find a lot of places to find ways to solve the problem. Found on the Internet a lot of people have this kind of situation, the website is down right, many people are fast hands no policy, eventually chose to give up. I’m not in accordance with the idea of most people to do, in my opinion about search engine website, like others. People always make mistakes, the website is no exception, the search engine will give a chance to turn over their own website. If you start to save the choice to give up, this only shows that this website has been saved.

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