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so that the site outside the chain to choose between the chain and the high quality of the site is the high quality of the chain.

chain in accordance with the above writing to do, that is the high quality of the chain, read the above content, we believe that the construction of the site outside the chain is not so lost, as long as doing seriously, believe that the site outside the chain will be very successful. This article in the first A5, please keep the author links 贵族宝贝caogen88贵族宝贝/ grassroots network. Thank you

website optimization, website chain and content is a web site in the search engine can have good ranking key, the content of the website as long as adhere to the original, insist on writing and their site theme related articles on it, just tell everyone to talk about the impact of another key factor in ranking sites the site outside the chain.

in the web site outside of the chain, the anchor text should be selected according to their own website to select keywords, this ranking of the website keywords will be very helpful, there is one thing to note is to try to choose their own web site home page, home page, page supplement.

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also has a high quality of the chain is Links, Links can give their website weight boost, so in the choice of Links above is very careful, and must not cheat on the web Links. A little Links also need to pay attention to is the selection of site do friendship, it can not only bring you the correlation of the weight of ascension, but also can bring considerable traffic.

low quality of the chain is not only reflected in the long-term not update and hung advertising website, one is the relevance of the website must grasp, such as our "grassroots network" is the webmaster site, generally choose the chain in A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why, feel this is outside the chain of high quality, according to the related website outside the chain, insist on doing it, "our grassroots webmaster resource station" is the first home, if our own site outside the chain do clothing forum and a website is not related to the above, it is not any correlation, the chain is of low quality.

site outside the chain, it looks simple, actually has operability and skill is very strong, first of all to say that the quality of the website chain, it can be directly related to the weight and height of the web site. The low quality of the chain are generally found in some long-term not update the site, with a full advertising website, on top of this web site outside the chain, it is not just what the feasibility is a waste of effort and do not benefit the behavior.

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