a lot of people say this day Shanghai update, my own standing outside chain or included and so on have changed, however, the table is not moving, then take this love Shanghai update, say love Zhou Yi or Shanghai each month to update it, after all I feel update the intensity of this time or a lot, released many pages, regardless of the ranking.

finally, on the ranking of Shanghai love, in fact not to love the Shanghai rankings, Shanghai ranked by feeling love too much, some people say love.

first, what is the love of Shanghai update it, some people say that the update is the content, update the chain, included your site, what information shows that love Shanghai has visited your website, just have climbed over the link, but did not put out. The face of the day included included, can not help but doubt that these are the clouds, as long as your site there, love Shanghai climbed, time to naturally put out; nature in my grave, is outside the chain, by my own website said, I did a lot of the chain in the 163 blog blog, 163 the weight is very high, however, today I did put out most of the contents of the chain, that is to say once the spider climb, but not put out, regardless of weight and high, have climbed on the opportunity, As long as you insist every day to do the chain, Shanghai has always believed in love when it is put out, and as long as the love of Shanghai was put into the cache, that represents a link to these is to test your execution.

second, on the weight of Shanghai love, these days have been thinking, difference, love Shanghai and noble baby but thought to want to take over the case, with the past, the difference in the end where the crawling spider love Shanghai, noble baby robot professional, and so on, these areas do not, however, the the day watching noble treasure time, that noble baby on the inside pages of links, and the inside pages, and so on, with the link can bring good rankings for the page, but Shanghai believes that love will be more difficult, why, because the weight of the main domain name love Shanghai has a certain degree of attention. So the long tail of the home competition, will have the advantage, this is the domain name itself weight, competitiveness is in the domain name, so naturally to the domain name weight, then what is the domain name weight, love Shanghai attaches great importance to have a domain name weight, the audit mechanism is very strong, if your domain name is right down, then congratulations, home to wash sleep, don’t think about the short time again, so to love Shanghai, can not do anything harmful things in the domain name, love Shanghai more and more sensitive today. Some small operation can make the damage, only in this premise, will it be possible to carry out the next step of action, and the noble baby different noble baby ranking is the link and transfer of general details, after all the noble baby is very strict, do these, then do the chain, believe you can have very good weight so is the page, the home page and the inside pages are treated together the characteristics of noble baby.

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