www.teahome贵族宝贝.cn/ share button in the view, site visitors every day at around 7000. More than 70 thousand pv. The station hang sharing plugin. The use of consistent style and their blog. While only one month share 705 times. (below)

website and no 10 times on my website. However, they share a day the number is several times a month for my website. The number of users to share, we can see that there is a big difference in my website content and website above. To optimize the adjustment, suitable for communication. Share from the set of data can be seen, the content directly determines the site traffic, and has a high quality content, spread fast. Share many times website, love Shanghai not to rank well justified. So in the website content under the relentless effort.

this time we heard all channels from "love Shanghai, love after updating the " algorithm; Shanghai algorithm to update the site backlinks and reduce website reprint articles included is deleted, such phenomenon. Reprint articles included cannot get good rankings in Shanghai. The next day was collected after part has been removed the phenomenon of love. The visible love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the original value. This algorithm updates the embodiment of love Shanghai pay more attention to the original and the user experience. Mentioned in the article in the original site of survival is the first productivity. However, the original high quality content is more important. To meet the needs of users, meet the needs of the browsing content sites are more likely to survive. "Content is king" which means content to original or original, more in-depth content is king to express "content to meet the needs of users, can be recognized by the user". This site even left the love of Shanghai is also can get good rankings.

Blog daily visits High quality Use

content easier to get good rankings. I usually write articles not only contribute to the stationmaster net and Chinaz will be released to DoNews my column. DoNews is love Shanghai news source site, released 2 minutes after the search in Shanghai news. The article directly determines the quality of the traffic in the web search ranking and website. Release often write some software reviews to the tech media website. Summed up, no matter how high the weight of the website, the content is not good enough to get good rankings. In the techweb technology Tencent, pcpop贵族宝贝, Zhongguancun, pacific. These websites have published experience. The final comparison of high quality content can get good rankings, and not the weight problem. The use of donews>

high quality content spread fast. High quality content, easy to be reproduced and share. A sharing website blog as an example. Many webmaster useful sharing plugin. And because the market sectors are more familiar with, so they had a share yesterday’s statistics, nearly 25 thousand (below)

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