1. optimized ad

makes advertising more appealing to visitors; rather than letting yourself entice visitors to click on ads, you optimize your ad mode and location to allow your visitors to click ads better. Don’t put too many ads on a page, shlf1314 policy stipulates that a page can only place no more than 3 ads, and as much as possible to use some advertising styles, not too simple, do not let visitors disgusted.

four. The most important step is to never cheat. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even do it. Think about it. You’re smart and smart, but shlf1314.

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2. optimize website

‘s good tracking tool can tell you a lot about visitors’ behavior, answering questions such as "what they’re looking for on my website" and "what ads do they click on"?. Always pay attention to your visitors will click on what number of advertising, advertising click or more, which advertisements are no one click, click on the best take no one.

here, you just need to do the following four steps to significantly increase your shlf1314 Adsense revenue.

this article address: July blog, qiyueblog.cn/

optimizes your web content, templates, and styles to make your website theme specific, so that it can bring more targeted advertising. In the words of shlf1314, the content is more relevant.

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3. tracks visitor clicks on advertising behavior

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