search engine optimization, if highly summarized, it is with the chain chain, the chain is easy to control, the chain is difficult to control, no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, the chain for Shanghai dragon ranking in the proportion is still relatively large, especially for some small, for example enterprise station, station is not the number of articles, but also optimize the space station is not much, fight to the end, is nothing more than the chain increased more, but in the end how the chain is the chain good? Now many webmaster do outside the chain, in fact, have no choice of channel, as long as the I know where the basic will to do so in the end, and regardless of the long-term development of the site has no use, below I talk about how to do the chain



this sentence is actually a lot of people know, but really the time to implement, or to go outside the chain, in fact, we can think of, so Like attracts like., website, Birds of a feather flock together., theme related websites link to each other that is undisputed, this search engine judge the theme of the site is of help, but the ranking is of great help, on the contrary, if you are outside of the chain is the main root and the site are not related, so how search engines from external links to better judge your theme, do more, more will disturb your site’s theme, so the correlation of the chain is most important, ranked first, we do the chain is the most need to adhere to, so how are we going to find the chain like, is actually very simple, the direct use of search engine The search engine can be ranked in the front, are related, can do in the link we do go, as long as insist on the chain is highly correlated, can make the site rankings, but it would be more stable.

The average distribution of

2, the chain of

1, the chain is the most important

chain to do extensive, not only do the chain to a web page, for example, many foreign stations they do outside the chain, basically is to do home page, the result is the chain home very much, and in other important pages without much external links, this is actually a a lot of misunderstanding, the home is nothing more than a page only, if only to do home page, this will only cause a chain of waste, and the effect of the chain also showed a decreasing trend, to a certain number, the effect of the chain is very small, such as the chain home, if the best effect is the 500 number of words, more than the basic role is very small, even negligible, why don’t we take these relative excess chain assigned to other pages, you know they are not outside the chain, you Give them a, can often play a large role, so for example, you have 1000 chain of words, if you put them all to the home page, than you put the 1000 chain assigned to 1000 different URL, but their effects are very different.

The correlation between

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