we all know when to do publicity, there must be a clear theme, not two or three, there is only one. A represents the direction, clear. At the same time in our website design style, want to know what’s your own web site, should use what kind of picture. For example: we do a beauty website, you can put some whitening advertising pictures, not some American movie publicity pictures, here immediately produce a very strange feeling, leaving a clear and professional impression. The user will immediately turn off your website, then you are in the user’s mind into the abyss, spend the rest of his life in complete darkness in the environment. There is a picture to transfer the meaning of information, and have a wonderful website style and different approaches but equally satisfactory results, can not have too much difference. The website style should not be too big change and change, otherwise it will affect the site’s image in the minds of users. In a word, the website picture should have the consistency of direction and style, not very different, draw further apart.

were the first to receive information is where we have heart window called the eyes, the eyes are the only things one cannot deceive others, because no one can deceive yourself, your heart is true. Therefore, in our construction site for pictures but can not get throught a thing carelessly. The first feeling of eyes to people is the most important, we want to picture to a detailed and careful process. So we should be on the site in the picture to do what kind of a plan, or should choose what kind of pictures to create a good environment? Here are some tips on my website picture, you want to on the website pictures still exist troubles of their peers to help.

second: the image location, a hit.

we see things in, always can’t help by some great pictures of the living location, because the whole of a space, it is the most obvious, and most important. At the same time, we can also know the message in the picture. So we should put the pictures in that position will achieve maximum effect? According to our usual experience, in the middle of a space is the most easy to see the place, this is a common sense. For example: the teacher in the classroom, sitting in the middle of the students is the most easily seen by the teacher, to see the number of times is the largest, so remember is the most likely. Of course, do not rule out other cases, but this is the most common case. We can design pictures according to this experience, can not be out of place. After the set, but also look at the effect of the future. Because we must not only consider the effect of this picture, and take a look at the overall effect, and the overall effect is the most important. But if they really can’t put the picture in the middle position, can consider to do some modifications in the pictures, to attract the user’s attention, so as to improve the effect of image to the user, and then add >

We all know that

: the first website style and the picture content harmony, embraced each other.

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