with such questions, we were going to contact the Samwers brothers and let them express their opinions. We failed to contact any of them, but we had a telephone interview with the "imitation power: how smart companies use imitation to gain a strategic advantage" and author of a book at Ohio State University economic management professor Oded Shenkar.

when I was in the "wisdom group" recommended baby, I was still worried, afraid it would not help me. After using it only to find that I bought the baby store 600 yuan, really spent the edge of the knife. Shop baby brought me convenience is not a two, but in all directions to help me operate Taobao store.


first, purchase and delivery. In the past I was from the Alibaba above the purchase of goods, the purchase of goods is not much, but also count the freight, and then to Taobao shelves, almost I do not have any profit can be shown. Every time I look for different sources, I am very upset. Shop baby is different, it has a huge warehouse, the baby is directly docking with the factory, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, but also very rich in products, small commodities, digital, clothing and so on. What I want to do is to put the baby on the shelves. When someone comes to buy it, the baby software will be sent automatically from the warehouse of the baby store. The buyer will buy one and the baby will send one, so there is no overstock of the goods.


people often worry about me, purchase, delivery and logistics, a series of complicated matters need Taobao shop, I have time? I also have this worry, at the beginning, I really don’t have the extra experience to two ways, had to abandon the Taobao store idea. Bao Ma group is my wisdom group, in their recommendation, I found a can help me manage the store software – baby shop. No way, for the first time to hear this name, like the software, and feel like their children, very cordial. In the store baby’s help, I saved the trouble of looking for goods supply, the troublesome process of shipment and the contradiction of choosing logistics. With the store baby, almost no need to do anything I do, I just need to do a good job of promotion.

A key to fix

housewives shop, can not lose money coming to enjoy

After having given birth,

in the Shenkar view, in the technology field of entrepreneurship, people habitually think entrepreneurship must be innovative, in fact, this idea is wrong, the history of success by imitating the entrepreneurial companies meet the eye everywhere. As far as Facebook and apple are known, Zuckerberg and Jobs are great imitators in the eyes of Shenkar. Social networking was not invented by Zuckerberg. Friendster was founded in 2002. MySpace and LinkedIn were founded in 2003, and Facebook appeared in 2004. Similarly, the user interface of Mac computers has the suspicion of copying Xerox PARC. Of course, Shenkar cited two examples of this are not aimed at Ariza and Joe closer, opposite him for their successful imitation happy.

second logistics. Logistics is also a headache for me. I used to find logistics for myself. The logistics costs are all out of my own, and the cost is naturally very expensive. The profit is too small to speak of. Store baby has its own logistics channels, buyers after the completion of a single, baby will be issued from the baby’s logistics channels, return naturally also back to the shop baby. So I’m taking a very small risk.

became a billionaire, the Samwer brothers had been low-key, and very few media outlets reported them. With their fame, they practice copycat also caused extensive discussion of the industry, the success of the Samwer brothers is not meant for people engaged in science and technology industry publicly acknowledged that "imitation is correct, is recognized by people".

"yes, we should be innovators."

              what is success in general, a shortcut to high office? Two methods, one is to strive for innovation, the two is to copy others’ ideas. The second approach is significantly easier than the first one, and is often more likely to be a millionaire or even a billionaire. Now many corporate giants, such as apple, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, and even us Tencent are from imitation, then gradually developed into a giant, visible imitation is a shortcut to success.

third, automatic management. The baby’s automatic delivery function makes me feel very human, people can not

has been at home caring for her children and has become a real housewife. How about being a housewife? To tell you the truth, it feels really good. But for a long time, I feel like a wreck. There is nothing else to do but take care of the children, and the enthusiasm of the struggle for the past few years is lost. In Bao mother’s group, and they talked about my condition. So I have now Taobao shop, a shop belonging to its own. I can manage the store while I’m taking care of my children.

in the traditional business concept, the Internet industry is proud of innovation. The German Samwer three brothers, Alexander, Oliver and Marc have completely imitate American Internet mode, they set up in 2007 in Germany Berlin incubator Rocket Internet, and by virtue of the copycat sites supported by many to become a billionaire, completely subvert the industry innovation business philosophy.

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