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Shanghai dragon refers to doing the same as migrant workers and workers working every day, said the word Shanghai Longfeng migrant workers is actually somewhat derogatory, but the true portrayal of many Shanghai dragon ER that Shanghai dragon didn’t have a strategy of things, as long as the hair outside the chain can be connected to the keywords ranking. Gu Fangyuan congratulations to you is a real dragon Shanghai rookie, is also a real dragon Shanghai migrant workers, migrant workers in Shanghai Longfeng say well is a professional Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel, will only change the website title, exchange Links, write the original article, every day outside the chain, finally put himself the website ranking to the first page, but the profit pattern and what is called Shanghai Longfeng not clear, are some exaggeration to say that Shanghai dragon in the "unknown", than As each city of Shanghai Longfeng Chinese blog, if you understand, you will find that they are almost all blog home page ranking, and structure, and the interior of the website optimization is very poor, and they get ranked way mainly through the blog group construction, almost all not to earn money, or very difficult to make money and this, Shanghai Longfeng workers has the difference? Friends should reflect on the

is a truly qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon are starting from the search engine algorithm and user experience, using a variety of simple and efficient strategy for the company website optimization efficiency is greatly improved, thereby reducing the workload of Website Optimization Website optimization, reduce cost, improve conversion rate, so how to do Shanghai dragon


difference between migrant workers and strategy of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng is what Gu Fang? Recently touched a lot of city of Shanghai dragon staff, most of them are in a play of his Shanghai Longfeng blog, and the blog ranking on the first page, but the income is not ideal, some friends have Ersanqianyi months there are some good income, even the domain space does not come back to earn money at the same time, he also spent a lot of time, all of them and I said, playing Shanghai dragon and workers do not have what difference, disappointed in this industry, some of my friends have given up; at the same time I also know Shanghai dragon master most of their money. Will not appear in Shanghai Longfeng this circle, the silence of their money, they play only ranked 2 modes, the first way is to do the ranking obtained targeted customers to sell products Or service, it is also the most common, but the difficulty is very large, the second is to do rankings, sell the "top", as long as the website ranking, regardless of today and tomorrow there is no IP, or the number of IP, almost stable monthly income of more than 10000 yuan, this is a very simple and efficient mode. Of course, Gu Fangyuan also has been in the play mode, as long as the ranking is up to make money, any other factors can be ignored, Gu Fangyuan think this is the main difference between migrant workers and Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng strategy, the great tutor how to become a qualified personnel strategy of Shanghai dragon.

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What is the Shanghai dragon from Shanghai dragon Strategy Perspective

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