what is the long tail keywords

and long tail keywords is different, although not as popular keywords flow is so large, but a large number of small, competition, only need a little bit of resources can be in the front row, and all the long tail keywords flow up no more than less popular keywords. More attention is needed, because of the long tail keywords richer semantics, the flow is more accurate, higher conversion rate of

long tail keywords

see a lot of data in Shanghai Longfeng not is standing outside the station optimization, optimization of long tail keywords the introduction is very small, because the key words is the foundation of the website, if not chosen keywords, the station outside the station optimization better is of no avail. Then talk about the role of long tail keywords here some of my thoughts.

keyword popularity (also can be seen as a search volume), the horizontal axis is in accordance with the popular keywords degree from high to low order. The red part is the total amount of hot search keywords, blue is part of the total search long tail keywords, can be seen from the figure, the total search volume of long tail keywords than less popular keywords (total search volume, total search from the present trend of long tail keywords amount even beyond popular keywords may more than).

as everyone knows, the popular keyword traffic is very large, but the quantity is less, the competition is high, a lot of broken heads was also unable to squeeze in some industries, or even dozens of sites to seize a popular keyword phenomenon.

The vertical axis is

number and the degree of competition. Long tail keywords has the advantage in this respect, the number is particularly much, only think, not to search. And the degree of competition is very small. Only need a little bit of resources, ranking will be very ideal, very high ROI. The popular keyword is different, there is little traffic or can bring into words, there are many sites to grab (or home is full of love for Shanghai’s own website).



long tail keywords is compared with the popular keywords, generally speaking is a relatively small amount of search, the degree of competition, a class of words more keywords. The concept of long tail keywords from the long tail theory to the following figure.

also, users search more and more long tail keywords. Users will learn, just started to search some short words, but.

conversion rate. The transformation of long tail keywords higher rate, select users to more easily use keywords. Take the B2C website, "into the search engine", "into the search engine how much" these 2 words, it is certainly the high traffic flow point of view, but the conversion rate is high, the latter is obvious. Because the search into the search engine users some want to download the PDF version, some want to read this book, and search "into the search engine users how much money has more obvious desire to buy, more easily achieve the final transformation.

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