third: find the resources needed by the crowd, buy at a high price, sell at a low price.

first: the choice of goods: the nature of the goods for replicability, such as training materials, software and so on.

must be prepared in advance

first: buy site must choose a stable space, not cheap to buy some space junk, so you will lose two series of injury, why? The space is not stable, often not open or close so you often, money is wasted, also did not earn money back, labour costs are hard white. There’s nothing in the end, you just see him giggle.

, because I’ve just started to do the experiment, just to sort out some of the material before yesterday to spend money to buy, today will put up in G Taobao off this crowd collection procedures, marketing tools and tutorials, each tool is a registered machine, a total of continued to buy how much the ocean does not calculate, anyway, you have, make copies sold to people in need, the price into the price of cabbage…

third: there must be PR1 to more than 2 of the domain name, as it is to you and others to exchange a link to something, if there is no PR difficult for you to exchange with others, because this is your promotion of the site, an essential way.

These are some of my

two: teach you to quickly promote the best effect

analysis: why low and cost price can still make money?

electronic commerce with the rapid development of Internet has been rapidly expanding, it is said that the next three years of domestic e-commerce into 1000% growth momentum, you can see the future of the Internet most opportunities will appear in the field of electronic commerce network is the largest…… application of information sharing, so when the traditional industry business to catch the high-speed train. Many of the old model has been eliminated, high-speed transmission, sharing of information, can create more business opportunities, accelerate the expansion of your money.

shortly before December when the capital is in 2009 last year, I told my friend on the Internet now earn good money, I almost every day to earn less than 10 yuan, basically is a few quick money income in this cannot go on really fast, so I asked my friend I said, now you know what can make money, but also the fastest, there is no good project? My friend told me, he said you can try to do a guest, I don’t know what is the meaning of Amoy, Amoy to what it is, so I asked my other friends, he said Amoy Taobao is to earn money, click into, or others into Taobao from your website URL Click to buy something, and then others sell a you can earn a commission, there is a click into, click on others How much time, then I understand, that this will give sh419 alliance alliance with shlf1314 about it, then I went to try, I was almost every day this site is only eight hundred or nine hundred IP traffic, so I listen to my friend said to do a guest a try, see the effect is not very good, then I went to register a Ali mother account, start Amoy Road, but never thought I put advertising code into my homepage for third days suddenly realized, and I want to have been beyond the scope of this day, I have been in happy to say, it is my luck to come? Since there are dozens of times of high income, reached 100 yuan a day effect every day but now I have been replaced by a computer network, there is no guest, Let me tell you how I did it last month.

because, generally need to buy things, buy the probability is very low, but it will often be dumping berserk.

is said to sell people earn a small part of the population is the money they earn so much, we buy high, then dumping out, then sell more, because these materials can be infinitely replicated, so there is a problem, soon to sell the number profit.

traditional sales, such as rice in the supermarket, generally cost more than the cost of selling, businesses earn a little difference. But in the era of e-commerce, there are many things that we can change a way of thinking, not only higher than the cost price, but also much lower than the cost price of similar dumping may have to sell, this is how to do?

second: look for specific populations and lock in the specific needs of the population.

second: domain name to buy a relatively easy to remember domain name, do not go to buy some people remember ten times can not remember domain name.

fourth: you have to understand how Taobao customers will do more familiar with, and with the above and I said this point, below I began to say how to promote, and more effective.

first: you must have some writing, that is, you have to write soft Wen

1: several kinds of

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