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blog is not English, this does not matter, this does not understand English webmaster, you can rest assured of it. Want to let your blog sell more text links, of course, is to improve their blog PR, then how to improve PR? There are two main aspects: first, originality; two, external connection quantity and quality.

second step: apply for Text Link Ads

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third step: Group station mode earn Text Link Ads cost

although my first beautiful knife took about 3 to 4 months to get, but I believe that through my continuous efforts, the future will be more and faster! Ha ha ~~

after a few months of struggle finally received a GG ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!! send a map to share ~~~

this article is limited to rookie level, master, please bypass ~~~

Text Link Ads is a specialized sales blog text links to foreign Wangzhuan alliance, Laoniao should not strange to it, many people rely on it is very easy to earn a lot of money, for the beginner, may not know how to make money on the Text Link Ads? Read the following content, you will find that you can also earn a lot of money in small flow station, and far higher than the shlf1314 Adsense income earn 1000 dollars a month is not difficult!

Author: Bin Tsai,

bin Tsai recommended text link sales, this is not caused by the sale of links search engine punishment, is not easy to be shlf1314 PR, this is the key. Don’t get lost like John Chow’s blog by shlf1314 K. A normal sale link is $10, and T-L-A 55 is divided into $5, a blog you would be at least 100 articles about it, according to the 10% is the sale of the 10 links per month at least can get $50. If you have a website or blog PR 20, dragged up, your income can be stabilized to 1000 dollars a month. By the way, if you do is English blog, American space is to allow a multi site space, so we have some domain name to copy this method, in addition to the sale of the link can also hang shlf1314 Adsense advertising. Maybe a lot of people won’t believe it, even I don’t believe it myself. But someone did it. Why? Think it over yourself,


first step: build blogs, post articles, and find links to

here I want to say is the novice friends, do stand must adhere to, the other is from the user’s perspective, rational analysis, steadfast do stand, plus your dedication, so I would like to congratulate you, you will succeed!!!


investment point of money, the rapid promotion of PR up, buy Chinese links like 200 yuan, you can buy a good PR link. When your first blog PR value rises to 4 or 5, you can drive other sites.

GG do not make money at first thought, but still try holding the attitude of do, recoge people say, this point I agree, after all, I would like to take my first step, although the more than 100 knife for those veterans is not what big numbers. But for me this is my station since the first income, still pretty happy. At least my efforts have been rewarded for what I deserve.

is the money I used to make my blog, because it is to hold a try attitude, so not very serious to make a stand now, my blog is still going on, and my new station on the line, that is www.qjboy.cn zero design station, a station design idea I have a long time ago, but has not been able to do it, through continuous learning, and now I can finally build the website ..

I believe you can get more or less traffic, even if not great, in order to improve PR. With traffic, with PR, you can easily apply to the Text Link Ads.

!In this paper, ! !

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