BI Chinese station reported on April 15th

says that PureWow now has nearly 10 million monthly independent visitors. That’s pretty impressive data, but according to people familiar with the matter, PureWow earned about $10 million last year and is expected to rise to a more astonishing $20 million this year.


Ruian · Harwood Ryan Harwood in 2009 from Goldman founded a media start-up company, he had intended to create a male fashion website, but he soon realized that this is not a good idea.

Tencent has not yet opened external participation qualification

coincidentally, including payment interface of another business three new board listed company, the secretaries also mentioned a similar situation, "the object of intelligence, actually before payment, two-dimensional code industry company is in favor of capital, small program after more hot, now out of the meeting, as long as you say the relationship between a company and a small program then, there is a group of people gathered around, ask is not to pay the license is not a smart patent etc.."

, by contrast, has 45 million monthly independent visitors to Bustle, a web site for young women, with revenues of $10 million in 2015, and the site’s revenue is expected to reach $20 million this year. This means that PureWow generates far more revenue than Bustle, with the number of monthly independent visitors 4.5 times that of PureWow, but the revenues of both sites last year and this year are the same.

so Harwood gave up the original idea and founded the feminine fashion digital portal PureWow in 2010. From the development of the past few years, PureWow’s revenue generating efficiency is surprisingly high. Now many VC supported startups are working hard on how to generate revenue and make money before they run out of cash. In this environment, PureWow’s performance is even more valuable.

in fact, the company’s main business is not really involved in small program business, it can only be said that "a little bit of a relationship."". Responsible person said, these days, as long as it is slightly detached and small program of small and medium-sized enterprises, have some capital out, "is to ask directly, some venture capital is the time to talk about business of large companies, and some talk about capital intermediary to know, in the feeling of being small with the program, the industry is very lively."

, a Guangzhou three new board listed company responsible for the reaction, since WeChat launched a small program, received a number of capital to ask, whether the introduction of capital needs, or mergers and acquisitions are willing to be.

new three board concept company was asked "M & a"

and Harwood says the company has made a good profit

Abstract women’s fashion digital portal, PureWow, has been profitable for several years, and margins are probably around 30%.

Harwood found in the study, 25 – to 45 year old women are tired of digital content surging, most of these women are mothers, their blog is very popular on the internet. But not all women of this age have become young mothers, and some women, even though they already have children, do not want to be included.

after some analysis and research, Harwood found that women are better fashion content, target audience. Women are the mainstream users of social media, and advertising budgets have more clout.


so how high is PureWow’s revenue generating efficiency,

main business is two-dimensional code of Zhejiang new three board company, three networks technology chairman Chen Yigang has said, from his experience of doing two-dimensional code business, WeChat small program brings market size is far more than one hundred billion. "In addition to our technical services companies, as well as businesses brought about by the size and prospects." When a reporter asked about the capital of the new three Board Companies in favor of this field, Chen said bluntly, this is very normal, around the small program, in 2017 should be up a number of related small and medium enterprises.

, but need to mention that, and the capital of the new three board small program concept of preference of the company is different, previously had been optimistic about the A shares of small program stocks, the past few days, the response is not obvious.


informed sources, according to the PureWow number of advertisers customized content, the company obtained from every single contract revenue to $2 million in 100 thousand dollars.

comprehensive research report of CITIC, China Merchants Securities and other brokerage firms, A shares are currently considered small program stocks including Hua Fengchao, fiber 300180, caifutong partners, Beyondsoft 002649, WeChat public audit xinguodu 300130, and subsidiary of public audit No. the new world 000997, and pay dimensional code and Gao Weida 300465, mobile marketing etc.. Disk display, these standard Tencent partners or business stakeholders, share price >


the above data are based on current traffic estimates, without taking into account the continued growth of future traffic factors. According to Harwood, PureWow’s annual growth rate is 100%.

early 2017, WeChat small program on the line, and temporarily brush the circle of friends burst. All parties predict that this will bring hundreds of billions of market scale. A share market, represented by Securities Research Fellow, have shouted "small program stocks."". However, A shares of the so-called "small program stocks" did not have much performance. In contrast, the new third board market, it seems that multi-party capital is probing, interested in acquisitions or shares may benefit from the small program of listed company.

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