thinks only 3% of Internet users have never thought of starting their own business. Since the survey is limited to the Internet, the relative proportion may be lower if it is put on a larger scale.

nearly half of users exist entrepreneurial ideas, 19% net friend "already started"

Abstract entrepreneurship has created many young people who are unwilling to be present. They decide to change themselves, or even change the world. Almost all of the research on the venture market is about "existing entrepreneurs". As for the potential entrepreneurial needs and energy in the Chinese Internet era, we still lack a group of valuable research data to this day.


young people are the main force of entrepreneurship, more than 40 years old still "dream"

company? ?


is that only 2.9% of young people under the age of 20 are engaged even if they take into account the economic dependency of minors. And 41-50 years of age groups, accounting for 12.2%.

note: the investigation of "entrepreneurship" not just refers to Internet start-ups, but also includes traditional industry practice

next we do a breakdown of the data statistics:

, we found 39 companies with which we call "the unicorn Club Unicorn Club" standard i.e.: American Software Inc, founded in 2003, in the private and public market valuation of more than $1 billion. This part of the company accounted for 0.07% of the total number of venture capitalists and enterprise software start-ups.


to answer these questions, the Cowboy Ventures team established a database to collect some of the American market technology companies, the company was founded in 2003, and recently in the private and public market reached $1 billion valuation. We call it a learning plan, and the project is still in progress.

Tencent science and technology "Penguin wisdom cool" column is hereby launched "China subdivision population entrepreneurial potential investigation.". After collecting and analyzing 57375 survey samples from 20 provinces autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, we found some surprising phenomena that are occurring in today’s cities, counties and even in china……

entrepreneurship is the exclusive knowledge of the big city, or has aroused many young people unwilling to present the situation, they decided to change themselves, and even to change the world,


The surprising contrast of

‘s proportional trend also appears in ‘>’

three, the unicorn company in the consumer market, has grown more broadly, creating more value in general, not even Facebook

, 25898 considered themselves to have more entrepreneurial ideas, accounting for 45%. And already in pioneering road netizen occupies 19%.

many entrepreneurs, and, of course, the venture capitalists who support them, want to start a multi billion dollar company.


entrepreneurship in China today, in the end is only a small number of people, or has inspired more people’s hearts deep impulse

read, there are two: first, we need to pay attention to the data source based on public information, such as CrunchBase, LinkedIn and Wikipedia; two, the conclusion from a temporary impression, it is one-sided.


here are some of the points we’ve found to sum up

two, over the past ten years, the average annual emergence of four Unicorn companies, Facebook is a super Unicorn super-unicorn valuation of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars. Over the last few decades, one or three super Unicorn companies have appeared every ten years.

has already started in the net friend, 21-30 year old young people accounts for 48.2%, ranks first, but the 31-40 year old crowd ranks second.

interpretation: only 3% of the "non entrepreneurs" this data shows that the network information age, the transfer of information for the concept of entrepreneurship has played a very good role in promoting. Users who are more exposed to the network and information are more likely to know more about entrepreneurship and have more potential for entrepreneurship.

Among the nearly sixty thousand users surveyed by

we have to ask: a startup valuations reached one billion chances? Is there what we can learn from the successful case of middle school in the past ten years to, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Workday of the

why are developers so concerned about the billion dollar exits? Historically, the top VC funds have come from a handful of companies they hold. In addition, the traditional venture capital funds have developed relatively large, need to have a greater "exits" to obtain acceptable returns. For example, the initial capital to recover only a $400 million venture capital fund, may require a valuation of $1 billion holding the two companies to 20% of the shares, or when a valuation of $2 billion acquisition of the company or listed holds 20% of its shares.

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