1. start.

– making public statements too often. No matter what you think, the fact is that there won’t be many CEOs who want to know the companies they interact with. What they want to know is not you, but your product."

2. take control of your own destiny – cash is king.

3. don’t give way to people, but challenge and delegate.


Fab was once the darling of the media. But in just a few months, the flash site has raised more than $150 million from a $1 billion valuation, and has fallen into a series of redundancies. In the wave of layoffs, Fab lost more than half of its workforce, leaving only about 300 employees.

– "we should have been focused and focused on making each day better than the day before, but at this point we began to dream of making big money."."

suffered a severe blow in the second half of 2013, Fab. To a large extent, Goldberg’s blog is a self confessed plea".


Taobao is also the first time

, how many people do I don’t explain that how many money? Money is a topic, make 1 hair also earn, earn 1W is earned, I only earn at least a house more than a day, the house is 80.90 dollars US, Taobao off if I do not want to say anything, I see a lot of people walking in the old Zheng strategy, such as: SEO single page Taobao customers, list form, I would like to do a few people? I once did, not to make money but also lose money? No. Liu Erchuang: I in the Wangzhuan do not follow the trend of this article is to introduce, we can see, then through some seemingly absurd methods of operation, so I reached a monthly income of more than 7000 of income, this article also introduced the method seems to look at.

passenger first income is in Post Bar post, to tell the truth, then earned 7 dollars, I was very pleased, because finally have the income, then I often have nothing to send, but deleted too fast, one month is to earn a few hundred dollars, feeling too tired, I will give up this method.

Taobao customer to solve the crisis of hundreds of thousands of webmaster friends, but as time changes, Taobao off also undergoing subtle changes, most of the time, many people, many things are changing, change is not Taobao customers, the change is yourself.

no matter how you think about Goldberg and Fab under his leadership, this blog is well written. He regretted many things in the text, as follows:

The United States Taobao

– openly discuss issues related to revenue expectations.

4., as CEO of the company, all the mistakes are your fault, because

flash shopping site Fab co-founder Jason · Goldberg Jason Goldberg recently published a blog article, as his new year’s speech. In this blog, he talks about 16 lessons he learned in 2013.



group of friends this evening in the discussion of this topic, Taobao customers to be honest, the group of friends more chaos, a novice, a veteran, has made guest toil, there are bidding, etc., to tell the truth, I was for a long time did not find the Taobao customer, in Ali mother didn’t earn what money I had is a rookie, contact Wangzhuan in less than a year, so I can’t talk about what to teach, can only be said to talk about the experience.

– allows Fab to sell things that are not proud of their employees. He said that the company had recently conducted an internal investigation and found that $1 million worth of inventory made it impossible for employees to be proud of selling the goods.

ironically, Goldberg’s "confession" is actually a kind of "public speech"". The following are 16 lessons Goldberg mentioned in his blog:

– the hiring of too many people in the European market, and the speed at which it was forced to take redundancy measures, affected more than 100 employees. Another result is that, according to the European technology blog Tech.eu recently reported that, Fab will stop selling almost all products on the European market, except its own custom-made furniture.

off the first failure was often seen in the form of others to do list, I was curious to hear people say, because the conversion rate can reach 1/300, I personally think it is good, to do a breast stand with beriberi station, bought some SEO information, learn optimization, use less than 3 months to optimize keywords to the home page, the flow is very good, but not a little income, I really don’t understand why it? Now I know this thing out, and users to search the products do not necessarily want to buy this product, finally do website server cable the broken, lead to more than 1 days did not open, all were K 2 stations on a server, then the athlete’s foot standing up after 150 blocks to the awareness of people, others put me out I stand with the frame changed The form of bidding page, 2 days sold several pieces of beriberi products, earned a few hundred dollars, then I understand the importance of web pages, let me understand, and go deep into the study bidding.

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