talking about cloud computing entrepreneurial opportunities have come? Wang Yuquan suggested that entrepreneurs should consider 3 points.

to my site experience cited an example:

third, entrepreneurship is very interesting, the opportunity came, but belongs to you? Entrepreneurs need to calm down, not too crazy. It is not easy to pay attention to self-criticism, but the market concentration is not enough. Before you start your business, don’t be too hasty and make head decisions. It’s tricky. Wang Yuquan invested in a lot of social networking companies, because China’s social computing is no more than 1000 people. They will be more concentrated when they integrate with each other. Entrepreneurs should polish their eyes and think more about their problems. >

The status quo of

cloud computing is that the cloud is more seamless, the bandwidth is even faster, and the cloud computing power is enhanced. The point of attack has arrived, and the significant sign is the rapid growth of the game. It’s not the game world that’s doing well, but the need for users to highlight the needs of children in two or three – tier cities.

Adsense make money change so relaxed method, of course, or more from the net friend experience degree departure. This article by what forum www.shazima operation experience come,

sea silver capital co-founder Wang Yuquan, the China Telecom released the event Tianyi cloud and 3W coffee "developer support plan" speech, think now is a good opportunity to cloud computing business, grass root and rich handsome people have a strong demand, entrepreneurs must seize the segments, depth analysis of demand can be successful.

big data in impetuous period, when the money to

1, for shlf1314 advertising revenue, webmasters should strive to make a high click rate shlf1314 advertising format, there can be no other content advertising.

the first point, "typhoon" in the end have come, the next two years, there are still great opportunities in cloud computing, and the other is whether the market has risen, especially in the Chinese market, the giants are brewing. Now large data abnormal fire, indicating that the industry is still in the blundering period. It’s hard for this group of companies to survive, but real giants are breeding and evolving. As the year yinghaiwei to die, but a four cubic meters, homeopathy, become today’s sina.

second, the typhoon is divided into two kinds: someone in the wrong place above typhoon Ying step Qingyun, some people stand, fall in Chinese, with smashed to pieces, the chance to trap is often a step away.

two, a page where we try to minimize advertising. shlf1314’s ads show a certain pattern. Advertising is usually displayed first, at the expense of advertising. If you put too much advertising, low price advertising is also full of pages. In this way, the ad clicks will be much lower.

when users look at the content of a full post, and I put it in the content page, close to low-end shlf1314 text ads, click rate will become quite high. Although my website daily traffic is not very high, but the real click rate has been as high as 4%. Enclosed is my today’s shlf1314 advertising data:

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server end content is more important than the client side. The importance of UI is better than the algorithm. In China, a good UI is copied instantly.

rapid growth with cloud computing platform, and then acquired by the giants, becoming a new trend in the U.S. IT industry entrepreneurship. As Instagram is the social giant Facebook for $1 billion before the acquisition, with Amazon’s AWS cloud service platform provided by the rapid growth of the industry leader; Tumblr recently by YAHOO to $1 billion 100 million acquisition, but also the rapid growth of the industry shock let companies use third party cloud service platform. In China, telecom operators, Internet giants and third party platforms are seizing the huge market of cloud computing.

in my forum, I didn’t do any advertising on the front page. I put shlf1314 ads on the specific content page. I used shlf1314’s text ads on the head and tail of the content page to increase the click through rate. Not against all expectations, the final result is not very ideal. After deciding to cancel the contents of the page header shlf1314 advertising, leaving only the content of the tail shlf1314 advertising.

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