according to some familiar Cheng Wei’s friends described, Chengwei modest appearance actually zuoqishilai wrist is very strong, and also with a subtle sense of national pride, Chengwei often cited in his speech, with history and military strategy of Chinese view.

Paul Graham YC in Sorghum incubator for entrepreneurs a proposal is the most Do things don’t scale. in the early start-up companies, you can’t wait for the users themselves, but to take the initiative to a customer.

"if you have come into contact with the process dimension, you might say he is a lucky dog, but only by luck can be enough to make Cheng Wei toward the pinnacle of life, he is very understand the friends what kind of friends, the same types of Friends >

and Cheng Wei worked, Cheng Wei often wears a pair of black glasses, wearing his favorite Polo shirt, is full of vigour. But more importantly, perhaps Cheng Wei has a recognizable eye, such as Cheng Weiwa, a former Goldman Sachs banker with a background in foreign education, Liu Qing.

NetEase technology news August 12th, according to Reuters reported that the 34 year old Cheng Wei has worked in a pedicure shop for some time managers. Last week, the travel company in drops Chengwei led by the acquisition of Uber China business, and this will end drops over the years with many competitors business, promote the online taxi valuation reached $35 billion.


since then, about growth of product releases and users of all start-ups will be referred to Hotmail, hoping to replicate its success, with only a single function, a tactic, a method of quickly off the market. Everyone thinks a startup is in the early days, or it can erupt quickly or die.

, "he’s probably the fastest growing CEO I’ve ever seen, even if he’s not the best, at least the top three in the top CEO I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure many people agree with that." "Drops of travel investors," Ji Yuan capital management partner Tong Shihao HansTung commented.

investors and employees are called drops Chengwei is a calm mind, keen strategic vision and humble man, these outstanding qualities in pieces with Uber two years of fighting, all show the most incisive.

in addition, Cheng Wei also resourceful in two large drops of Alibaba and Tencent investors with notes it both but the Internet circles rival.

with Uber Chinese exit market, Cheng Wei suffered attention but everyone watching grow with each passing day, Cheng Wei at the end of the original large drops of travel burn mode, how will the track will lead the company to profitability.

in the next few days, hotmail users are growing at an explosive rate of 3000 per day, with the first 1 million users completing the accumulation in just 6 months, and second 1 million in the next 5 weeks. How astonishing was the growth? One of the small stories was that the founder Bhatia sent an email to a friend in India, and 3 weeks later, the market in India had accumulated 300 thousand users. This fierce growth momentum has been maintained, when 1 and a half years after the sale to Microsoft, hotmail users reached 12 million, you know, when the global number of Internet users only 70 million.

at that time, most companies advertise their products by buying large billboards and radio advertising stations. Hotmail didn’t use the usual technique, but at the end of every email sent with Hotmail, he automatically signed: "honey, you can use the Hotmail’s free mailbox like me."." This seemingly ordinary move, at the time, was a very innovative viral transmission.

According to a

but the failures of startups are the same. The success of start-up companies is not replicable.


drops travel founder Cheng Wei: once in foot care shop to work!

startups need to start with something stupid.

at present, domestic media station drops travel user and the driver’s position that drops in the documents, made online taxi market monopoly, it is low and increase subsidies.

in the intense competition in the market for online Chinese taxi industry come out on top, and Uber drops in two years "Prodigal" burn scale have reached billions of dollars.

, both in foreign countries and at home, many successful start-up companies, the first user access methods seem to be so stupid". These "stupid" method is usually only in the earliest stages of seed users at that stage, they have to carry out large-scale, they appear to be very slow, difficult, demanding money… These things seem stupid, they are a company from 0 to 1. Without the first 0 to 1, there would be no 1 to 10 later, 1>


story begins with hotmail. In 1996, two engineers wanted to do it alone, but they were afraid that their mail would be seen by the boss, so they made a web based mail system, the predecessor of hotmail. As a result, the product produced in the spare time was immediately invested, but when it came to the market, the response was mediocre.

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