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2. in the news and home page, casually find popular articles, paste to Sina, Sohu, China net and other blogs.

in your insistence, and continue to earn money,

do not blindly mining, we must have a plan, perseverance mining

site you can also place with its own address, also can do the chain, for their website

is now a lot of people have lost their entrepreneurial passion, most entrepreneurs are rigid, we can see a lot of College Students’ entrepreneurship is in a point, or is close to the school, or very close to the family, why do they have to close the two places in the course of business, because they are afraid of failure, fear of failure after no rely on. Is a kind of mentality that led to the now many entrepreneurs lack of passion, some good projects not shot, some high-quality projects did not dare to continue digging, they fear may be losses, they fear to continue may face the ultimate failure. The mentality of entrepreneurship has led them to never stand on the shoulders of giants. If we can learn the spirit of failure that Edison is not afraid of, and think of failure as a booster for progress, I think many entrepreneurs now have amazing discoveries and initiatives.

blind mining also led to a lot of entrepreneurs fail to tell the truth, I was a failure, 09 years blindly into the stock market, I think this is a wealth creation myth, it became my venture fund almost all damage, a total of 60 thousand yuan, to 10 years out of the stock market when the rest of the more than 10 thousand, I was in tears, this is my second time after adult tears, to tell the truth at that time really want to die feeling, but I was quite over, through this thing I am more mature, it also tells us when mining Internet project must don’t blindly, then I is impulsive, blind, cause tragedy. We must have our own project plan in mining mining projects before, what time, what time is the end of time, what are the focus of the operation we need to consider, now I was thinking maybe I was just a little bit of maturity, the outcome would not be like this, from 10 to 12 years has passed for 2 years, and now I have only sixty thousand yuan, and two years ago, I only like "is more mature".

to kill two birds with one stone!

blog theme, popular articles issued in this area and don’t send popular articles that

I used to belong to the impatient person, can’t hold on! But now pragmatic! My Wangzhuan station has been updated, insist on three weeks, now traffic is about 500 IP around PV1500! As long as we go, what to do can make money

each blog updated daily 5 article on the line, and is readily available articles, will spend approximately half an hour! As long as you persist in a week, every day tens of thousands of flow is very easy to have no fear of traffic! Qian Zuan?!

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is popular in the blog, Sina and Sohu china should also be popular articles, or popular articles! This flow problem is solved! Again, as long as you persist, persist in popular articles and Sina Sohu and china, and to feel you the article is very valuable, as long as you recognized, your article will be easier to enter the home recommended! Other sites are also similar to

1., respectively, registered with sina, Sohu, China blog, blog and other large flow of a blog.

do a web site to make money is really good hard, read so many articles about Wangzhuan, most are referred to by " the success of the shoulder to climb, I introduced the method of " is already very old but there are many people doing this, it has been proved that this method is effective the main secret of success or that sentence with the help of " the success of the shoulder to climb, " " good execution and perseverance " two really good, no nonsense said, the process is this:

repeats second steps, and finds popular articles on Sina’s home page and paste it onto other blogs:

2. profitable

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Edison invented the electric light, see from the history of Edison research lamp after thousands of tests, this test only thousands of times a success, but his name is celebrities through the ages, his light is eternal autumn, a success is always successful. It can be said that a successful case also exist in reality of the Internet, Tencent has successfully achieved a 360 Internet companies, a free software makes the Internet overlord, from these cases we can actually get: don’t worry about the failure of mining the Internet project, mining a success we may also be successful. Now let’s talk about how to learn the spirit of Edison and end up as a career.


don’t worry about failure. In fact, failure is a key to success.

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