living in the city’s relatives and friends and visits each other on holidays when you go to my house and all play local attractions, and I came to your house and also enjoy such treatment. This fact in your life is not strange, but the condition is that each other is zhigenzhidi relatives and friends. Now some people will be the courtesy to relatives not seen in the real life of the users, and its development will become a kind of fashion, new forms of Tourism – solidarity tour, has been touted young people.

, for example:

daily average 1000IP, then should be able to get 500 yuan / month of income

today, let me give you a more visual and digital answer:

many places often ask me to do shlf1314 Adsense before, how much money? I often say, how many types of sites, and income related related visits, and advertisements are related through reasonable optimization. The answer seems to be everyone’s dissatisfaction.

so, that distributors must optimize your advertising, choose the most suitable size and color, put in the right position, then, not every day to earn much attention yesterday, today how much money to do the content, to improve the flow, which is the only way to make more money.


but this is only an estimate that is an average case. Some people may not be able to reach, and some people may want to exceed, because the amount of income is also related to the content of the website, and more related to the optimization of

the same content, the same amount of access, good and bad optimization, income difference may be great,

daily average of 100 thousand IP, that month should be able to get 50 thousand yuan / month income

according to my long analysis, the ratio of IP average daily flow and monthly income RMB yuan is 2:1

daily average of 10 thousand IP, that month should be able to get 5000 yuan / month income

and don’t do any harm. First, cheating with the thief as shameful, cheating is actually stealing money, if you choose a webmaster and not a thief, then don’t cheat; second, once found cheating or report, you will end up

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