6, creative website will be the protagonist of Internet development in the next 10 years.


shlf1314 Adsense last month payment is really long-awaited, the latest in April 7th before payment. Just 20 days later, payment this month have to pay. This is really a miracle, the equivalent of a natural month paid two times.

today, April 27th, morning shlf1314 Adsense into the background, that payment has been issued.

2, you can not do things, you can find someone to complete, more exchanges, more communication, accumulation of contacts and all kinds of favorable resources, is the Internet business success shortcut, technology is really not the most important link.

such network entrepreneurship includes individual owners, individual mall operators, advertising alliance, making money, SEO services and other content of entrepreneurial model.

one, rely on network poineering work, begin network enterprise

3, who saves money on investment, is actually a waste of people.


but today is Sunday, a bank’s business Corporate Banking Services, Western Union will not take money, had to go tomorrow.

so-called relying on network start-ups, start-up network enterprises, such as: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and other Internet companies.

remind webmaster friends attention, to seize the time in 28, 29, 30, three days for this, or because the "5.1" holiday, to May 4th for the.

before talking to you about the Internet related topics before entrepreneurship, we first come to understand how there are several ways to network entrepreneurship.

for Internet companies, investment is generally big, cost is high, the pressure is higher, need to start with a good business idea or concept, because the longer cycle website profit, it is generally not suitable for the shortage of funds and personnel to do a broad idea.

in recent years, Yang Zi depth reading no less than 10 Internet, network marketing and SEO related books, in reading one of these books, mentioned the two ways of network entrepreneurship. For these two ways mentioned in the book, Yang Zi still very much agree with, and here we talk about, in the end what are the two types of Network Entrepreneurship,

5, three, two. The soft soft belt with or WeChat, a soft top. The highest level of advertising is not like advertising, as usual, said: "content is advertising, advertising is content."".

is less than before many, only $173.94, but still more happy.

second, through the network entrepreneurship, using Internet tools to carry out

1, the success of the network can be copied.


4, the simplest program to complete the most complex requirements, is the most perfect website.

above and we talked about the Internet business two ways, then for the Internet business need to know which 10 words? In summary, in fact, so simple 10 words.



network entrepreneurial model is diverse, we should not only take into account the input, but also take into account the personal characteristics, connections, resources, the Internet and business philosophy and reality and so on. As the financial investment industry often said: "investment risk, the market needs to be cautious", and network start-ups also belong to an investment behavior, therefore: network risk, the market needs to be cautious".

7, website flow is high, not necessarily website has popularity; have popularity, will certainly have >

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