may millet grab the cake of the entrepreneurial team? I don’t think so. Because this cake for now, it is too small, if the cake is always so big, I think the entrepreneurial team do not worth mentioning. So the industry is crying out for a market educator, like Apple’s smartphone. For now, millet in the smart wristbands do well. Products look good, the price is cruel enough, and from all aspects of marketing, there are not too many can be picky, the country seems to only millet can do such a thing, this we have to admit.

millet bracelet is not the end, but the beginning of

doesn’t have a brand that can take all

      in the Internet world, promoting products through advertising alliances is a very common form. Advertising alliance is mainly gathering a large number of long tail flow, so that it produces huge economic benefits. This form first appeared in the United states. Old beauty of the Internet market has always been China’s Internet barometer and model of the inter. Looking at the advertising alliance made by the United States, it has made a lot of money, so China’s advertising alliance has also blossomed overnight.


if we admit that the cake is coming quickly growing trend, but can you imagine Mandaijie hand millet bracelet bracelet? How much is the identity function, so it is not possible. Often happens: "Hey, Xiao Liang bought a millet Bracelet… Rely on! 79 yuan, too cock wire! I have to buy a bi Zhuang!"

so many entrepreneurial team how to do it? Really a little trouble, I heard that there have been bracelets brand began to appear in a large number of retreat, I believe most people will have a hard time. Obviously, for the industry, most people have begun to decline, for example, I have received at least 5 friends sent me news, saying that we give up smart wristbands, is a wise decision. Well, I can stand by a bystander to evaluate it.

so, Millet’s entry will accelerate the further maturity of the entire market, accelerate consumer awareness of smart wristbands, which is the inevitable result.

obviously, the circle of friends are millet scraper, of course is mainly because the 79 yuan bracelet. Plus a variety of wearable device group is basically the case, everyone knows. Smart bracelet, after 2013 of the general applause, 2014 in the first half of the gradual questioning, and finally came to a turning point today, but also verified the circulation of the grapevine for half a year is indeed true.

      when you fear or fear when you click malicious deduction amount, perhaps to billion will give you a sense of security, because in this platform, the first time to trade across the advertisers and site owners in the face, the maximum to avoid information asymmetry. "It will certainly be able to play for a large number of advertisers and online media."

but I really do not feel that millet bracelet is a bad thing for entrepreneurs, the situation is just the opposite.

      but I’m afraid we learn the skin, but not the bone. We only see the old beauty to make money, but we can not see the people’s environment, a transparent system, pay attention to the integrity of the environment. So, in China’s Internet environment, you click on the webmaster cheating, I League deduction amount?…… No wonder when foreign unions entered China, they shouted "acclimatized"".

before the millet, many domestic Bracelet team has done very well, both from the hardware work or product experience, has already reached a very good level, even completely inferior to foreign brands. There may be a lot of problems to solve, but I think the biggest problem is market education.

      billion to is similar to a AdBrite ad trading platform, it introduces a new kind of model, objectively, that is, I provide a hypermarket, for both the seller and the buyer of free trade. Like AdBrite, against intention also hope to be able to gather the long tail and long tail tail, to achieve maximum economic benefits, however, in China this order is not very perfect, it still hesitate to let yourself assume a responsibility. One of the characteristics of the million report is "transparency."". In this platform, the price is transparent; I sell to tell you me the price you can choose as clear as noonday, of course; my goods advertising is transparent, the value of the goods, I put here, you do… And advertising what to put, how long, what position, what period, what price, is by the webmaster to choose.

yes, market education. This determines the size of the cake and the rate of growth in the industry.

      to some extent, the "hundred million" is China’s current unique internet environment "forced" out.

      advertisers blame Adsense cheating, Adsense scold League deduction amount…… Advertisers and site owners need to take their losses to a minimum; in addition to choose big strength of the Alliance for example, Yiqifa Zhi Yi, in addition to choose a relatively better form of advertising is very urgent. Therefore, the emergence of the "million million" to a certain extent has always been with such a solemn and stirring meaning.

so, this explains why millet Bracelet listed, but other opportunities for the team bracelet. All along, the logic is: if you can’t be an excellent marketing education

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