never put all your eggs in one basket. Even if an advertising alliance is the best in terms of unit price and reputation, you should also select a few more. Because everything is his uncertainty, the risk to the risk to a minimum, more importantly, a number of advertising a same page called advertising, advertising inevitably repeated, repeated advertising is equal to direct waste.

because only the quality of the forum, issued a post, your article will soon be cited sh419, shlf1314 and other large search engines included.

2, it’s important to take a good title for each post, and you can search sh419 for what’s hot keywords and then use them as titles.

replace the contact, user name and so on, you can publish to the forum. But remember, don’t publish the same post on the same forum at the same time, at least change the title to another title, which is good for searching.

so, if the site wants to get good returns, it’s pretty good to advertise

the right amount of advertising in order to create the best interests. Maybe after you add a bit of advertising, this ad will soon benefit you, and you’ll naturally feel that getting rid of it will reduce your earnings. In fact, long station website found that stable ad click rate also will stabilize, i.e. the increase in advertising will just click dispersed, and there is no more than a click is increased, but the advertising will impact more on the website, either the user or the engine, all don’t love advertising.

these places are very popular, to answer questions raised by others, insert their advertising. I heard that you can register several user names, one question, another answer with your advertisement


SOSO ask: wenwen.soso/


sh419 knows: zhidao.sh419/

website also has some time, as the webmaster is most concerned about the flow of the site, of course, because traffic = money. After a long period of trial and error, if you quantify it, roughly 1000IP=10 yuan, only refers to the interests of ordinary advertising sites, except for Industry and business sites.

three, reprint

1, pay special attention to:

1, prepared for his original post, if you copy others, then you also to change; to prepare for 5-10, because the engine does not love to see the same article, nor at the same time to search for two of the same article.

many novice make friends pick up a post to the forum of each section is the same article, this is the most hated moderator, administrator, and there is no effect. You think, released so much the same article in a forum, the engine will be included? And make friends looking for superior time to see you like this post, everyone knows that certainly is a novice at the beginning, the post will send, you will find the

should pay attention to the speed, using the tool, if you have to do is click Wangzhuan, so sh419 search for popular keywords, and then see what posts or articles are relatively good,

1, choose the right advertising alliance: credibility first forever, see on the Internet is always empty, in the hands of money is really more money; a high price, in ensuring the credibility of the premise, have higher price earnings will be higher, of course; appropriate advertising, advertising alliance advertising for your site, such as software station software download advertising will have a very good effect.

I am currently

two, forum posting


Sina love ask: iask.sina.cn/

uses reprint tool php178/zt.htm

4, each post according to the content of the article released to the relevant section inside, is conducive to search engines and not by moderators, administrators deleted.

2, the correct advertising: select the appropriate advertising on your website in the appropriate place, so that each advertisement has its own role, not waste of each ad position. Detailed description.

5, the collection of their own articles, for the next time their top posts, because the forum is generally the final response time to rank.

station www.baifans is basically maintained at 1000IP=10 yuan, because it is a TV network, so the advertising cost is low, individuals that can keep on this level is good, the webmaster can see, but did not join the pop. If the advertising extreme, popups, temptations and so on all add, the value of traffic should be 1000IP=20 yuan, but the damage to the site is likely to be fatal, webmasters need to be careful. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of your website.

3, prepared several quality forum to here, specific php178/thread-5086-1-1.html

with the content on your site advertising will be users of the popular entertainment sites, don’t try to put intelligent matching type of advertising, such as GG, because few can match to the advertising, advertising, price at very low; similarly industry or commercial websites can not put in entertainment advertising, others are likely to be want to see the compressor on your website, you can click on the Ronald Cheng said he went to press ^_^

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