editor in chief: what’s the golden age of the Internet,

NetEase Francisco March 27th news, today, held in the 36 krypton line salon, keso road and two people to discuss the Internet news comment of the golden age — keso, Chinese Hong Bo, China’s Blogger, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun are on the "Internet Godfather"; and seasoned news, Ma Huateng number enjoy playing the public number, claiming to be "behind the old editor", such as "Zhang Xiaolong wrote a hecaitou distance", "turning point in the history of the" lei.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

technology according to the site of the dialogue, summarizes some keso, enjoy:

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5, if you write a company’s problem from the heart and not the malicious, they will still accept it.

need to pay special attention to, other products have been offline, there will be no income, please pay attention to adjust.

2, looking at the farming age, there was nothing to worry about, because you knew what your life was like all your life. I think anxiety is a normal emotion, because the world changes so fast that you don’t know what you should do next, because there is no reference system. I think anxiety is not a problem, but indulge in anxiety and give the initiative to deal with anxiety to others.

The following is part of the contents of

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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1, YAHOO bidding, promotion plan extended to 08 years in February 29th.

would like to cooperate happily

4, the Internet, can make the most of the people is not too obvious.

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respected webmaster friends:

3, the Internet has great commercial potential, no direct relation between it and business, is to change the change of society, the power of life, I is the value of this force, rather than at the time, for everyone to cherish the memory of.

Keso: if there were no Internet, Ding Lei might be just a programmer. He could only climb up step by step. The Internet has great commercial potential. It has no direct connection with business. It is about changing the society and changing the power of life. I value this kind of power, not the time for everyone to remember and pay respects to it. In 80s, many people do not know what business is, so there are plenty of opportunities at that time, but this opportunity is not clear, it is prepared for many restless people.

7, watercress said today they become a "corner", or a North watercress founder to settle for a single corner, I feel very distressed.

2, YAHOO business search, extension program extended to 08 years in January 31st.

1, when the company is big enough, you can’t do what you want to do. Today you need to rely on the world more and more to match the whole world.

! ?

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and keso news veteran salon dialogue excerpt:

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6, I said, boring capital led Internet start-ups, starting from group buying, basically only test financing capability. But this only means that in some hot spots, big markets that are valued for capital, there may be opportunities for other non capital sectors.

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3, eBay, extension program extended to 08 years in January 31st.

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