traffic is the core of the website operation, only with traffic, we can have further development. Just for traffic, many webmaster but into a predicament. Do not know how to drain, attracted traffic, and do not know how to use, in short, traffic has become a major obstacle to the development of the site. So what should we do to keep the flow as much as possible and retain the flow,


refine traffic sources, as accurate as possible publicity channels, to find the target user. Now drainage means a lot, like WeChat number, today’s headlines, Baidu know, Baidu stick, and so on, can become an independent website exclusive channels. However, many sources of these channels are coincident, then, for each department is relatively waste of manpower. So, how to solve the problem? Meticulous refinement of their promotional goals, focusing on the core means of promotion can be built. In this process, we must constantly explore and establish the most suitable for their own website publicity channels, here to emphasize is not popular publicity channels, it means you must break through here. In fact, when I was doing propaganda, I found that the WeChat public number was not the main source of my traffic. On the contrary, the traditional Baidu knew that it accounted for a lot. Later analyzed, because there are a lot of white users always search the Internet related issues, science content comparison of public number, they want to know clearly the object for help, do so here, to many. This explains a problem to us, the promotion channel does not have to be popular, but must study thoroughly to suit own direction. Understand the diary, has been committed to QQ space, and fancy is the accessibility of this communication, I think this is our example. Then summarize are focus on the products and services, it became a distinctive flag features help to increase user impression; no need to have no intention of users too much time, accurate flow in marketing will require extra attention; there must be a complete set of operational plans and strategies to learn how to do reasonable analysis according to user data, do not always take me just a little grass, do not want to do the brand, sell something. Just want to earn a living, the future development of information technology is the inevitable value content of the world, do not exercise self content and value, it is difficult to have a continuous flow of dividends in the future.

let the publicity target as much as possible to enlarge, highlight the highlights and features, reduce communication costs. This topic as you speak, the site want to attract people must have enough highlights, is content station should have burst point, is the product of station to have efficient and reliable products as to rely on, only to have bright spot, traffic will stampede in. For example, my personal product station, in fact, on the market to do a lot of rendering products, and the price is also high school, low, as an ordinary webmaster, in the absence of channel transport background, in fact, it is difficult to do something. Can I abruptly sites IP do this for tens of thousands, our root very satisfied. You may say, "why do you do this?" the reason is very simple, as much as possible to enlarge the advantages of your products, so that users can >

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