08 years, an extraordinary year, there was a lot of, there is an earthquake, snow disaster, financial crisis and so on, in the case of the financial crisis, many companies have turned to Internet marketing started, many of the station to the network to make money, make money through the website and network planning agencies found Guo Liang enterprises are also more and more, they found Guo Liang in a big problem when doing network marketing planning on the Internet advertising in conversation and business. Each input and output is not proportional to, and a small number of enterprises are beginning to doubt the network.

don’t have to doubt the Internet. Be suspicious. You can only doubt whether you have done it yourself.

How can

do it well,


network promotion, pay attention to strategy, detail and flow.

Guo Liang divides the network advertisement into 10 big details, every step emphasizes strategy, and every step is not done well, it will greatly affect the effect of network advertisement.

, let’s talk about Guo Liang’s 10 major details of online advertising:

1. accuracy

if you are users of the site is for the student market, then you should put some car maintenance, car race and 2 hand sale network site advertising, I had seen a car company because the boss love computer, put the car in the computer advertising on the website. That’s a big mistake,

2. concern rate

when the selected target, is concerned about the rate of the next step, advertising scholars and other experts stress that exposure, but Guo Liang is not in here with the exposure of the word, because the same situation in the same advertising on the site exposure rate, rate of the user’s attention is different. Some media say how much exposure your ads can reach every day, which can only fool people who don’t know how to do it. Take a supermarket, if there are 20 thousand passengers every day in this supermarket, then placed in the mouth and into the far past of the goods and the goods he was concerned about the rate of people is not the same, the same goods and put the middle position on the shelf, the user interest rate is not the same. So do not take exposure rate to say that, should pay attention to is the concern rate!


3. reading rate

if your advertising allows users to pay attention to, you most want to let him do what? Click? NO! Now, if there is no reason for him is not the user click any of the links, this step is to let the user to read the content of your advertising, in which was about the text reading, pictures, colors and animations to attract, but Guo Liang does not recommend a flash flash sparkling sort of picture, the picture will only allow you to reduce the value of the brand. After the attraction is interest, with some questions and surprising content to make him interested in this content.

4. hits

Once the

user is interested, he clicks on the ad action immediately and just clicks in

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