up to now, for a long time, standing on top of my head are 3 PR5, my bottom is a PR4, in the future, at least PR3 and Sina subdomain, and I myself is only a small PR2. Think about how difficult the situation is, I want to go beyond the difficult, others beyond me, it is not so difficult. I have thought where my way out is. But there has been no answer, and if so, that is: keep on attacking and kill your opponents. This is the ultimate fate,


technology will have exhausted the bottleneck, the website development to a certain scale will inevitably become a bottleneck, thoughtful man, no matter what you do, you must ask yourself, your way out in what place. The station that I do is a game promotion station. I was thinking, if the future can not go on this line how to do it, so I was early for the future transformation of foreshadowing. The future can not go on, and I can at least quickly converted into a game strategy advisory station head office, then how to solve the current problem,


now I appear, the main problem is the outer chain and space, because space has been unable to withstand the impact of the amount of access, because the chain has no way to get higher quality. So all I can do now is upgrade the space and rent a server. So where does the chain come from?. Many people change links, I believe that all the same as me, high, low, not on. There are quality, unless they buy money, others generally do not change with us, the reality of competition is always cruel, two people who do not know each other, will only consider the interests of the relationship.

, I’m so glad that my friend helped me out of the chain. Give yourself a spot on the thousand domain name for me. Most of my friends do the domain name parking, although there are some high PR value meters on hand, but if I want to say, from the point of view of the chain is a problem of opportunities and risks. Most duplicate pages appear in the same shape as keywords, and if from the SEO point of view, there may be some risk. Of course, if from an advertising point of view, there is no such problem. Yes, there will be ad value, but the value of SEO remains to be seen. If successful, then the chain of bottlenecks can be solved temporarily. After all, the domain name one-way links to succeed thousands of PR0-6 with you, this is not a joke, then I can at least from the search engine to beat 1-2 rivals, so in the purchase of a quality flat-share server so deep down is a problem how to do more.

says sustainability has always had an inescapable problem, that is, optimization. How to optimize, how to do less money, the most effective optimization. We little webmaster have been thinking about this problem because we don’t have much money. In the early stage of the station, because there is no experience, I spent a lot of effort to optimize the focus on the home page. But one day I came up with a question like that. A beauty, and then beauty, there are always limitations. She can’t be like Wang Zhaojun, or like

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