Pan Feihu

, a 1982 born Sichuan man, is of medium height and plain. He now is the identity of "wine liquor vertical business founder, chairman of the board, but before his resume to make almost" 80 "envy.

this year is 2005, and soon to take off his military uniforms, Lai Jinyu faces many choices: go home to get civil servants, or enter the police system. But he made a decision to stay in Beijing, beyond all expectations: when a North drift".

Like the beginning of all grassroots stories,

spent the first few months working around the clock looking for work and crowded into the basement in the evenings. He finally found a job selling the floor from the bottom of the sale.

according to other media records, a green hand Lai Jinyu quickly become a sales champion, won the appreciation of the management, then sail with the wind. The Lai Jinyu own memories, 2005 to 2010 is the time of the domestic real estate rapid warming, sell a house is not a difficult task, "the fight is the physical".

for this part-time experience, Lai Jinyu is not willing to talk more, only revealed that "5 years earned 10 million."". By August 2010, Lai Jinyu, 28, left office and ran a company of his own for the first pot of gold.

Lai Jinyu was born in Yibin and has many wine related businesses in his family. So, he decided to do wine agents, to supermarkets, supermarkets supply, the flagship product is Yibin local famous wine Wuliangye. Unexpectedly, the reality soon poured a basin of cold water for him.

"the first venture was a failure. It was bullied by the traditional channels, especially the" business super ". They ate a lot of money and lost a lot of money." Lai Jinyu recalls, "super simply had not thought the product serves decent earn spreads, but with various fees for profit, excluding sales, also charge access fees, promotional fees."

early in 2012, exhausted Lai Jinyu decided to close down. The failure of the venture cost him 5 million yuan, but also let him have a new inspiration: the liquor business moved online, get rid of the constraints Chaodeng channels.


that time, alcoholic electricity supplier has not started virgin land, brewmaster network, but also buy wine and other websites are rapidly seize the market. Late Lai Jinyu hope through fashionable "O2O" concept to find a breakthrough, not only to reduce the intermediate channels, but also to get through online and offline.

from April 2012 onwards, Lai Jinyu in Beijing has opened 10 liquor retail stores, how to find distribution and profitability. By October 2013, the wine network officially launched, and released a mobile phone application.

according to his vision, consumers buy wine online, offline chain stores to complete the delivery and payment. In addition to completing the "last mile" logistics service, chain stores also have brand and product exhibitions

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